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Albanian Brides

Albanian brides | How to find a woman for marriage?

Albania is a given state in the Balkan region, which is popular for its own various landscape and civilized features. But Albania did not exist in any way the most interesting state in Europe, if it were not for the multiple amazing girls living further.

In that number, and if you think that you can’t imagine the Albanian beauties, you will be extremely surprised by this, just as numerous actors and actresses performing in bombs have Albanian sources in the very process.

Interesting facts

This time the Vatican wanted to get it right, so Pope Francis traveled to Albania on his first trip to Europe. With this he underlined the importance of the small Mediterranean country, where Apostle Paul is said to have missionized himself, for Christianity. 500 years ago, the situation was different when European Christians left the Albanians alone in the fight against the Turks. As a result, the country fell completely to the Ottomans around 1479.

Three dozen "sworn virgins" (Burrnesha) are said to still live in remote villages in Albania. This can hardly be determined exactly, because women swear, dress and behave like men immediately after their oath (Besa) to live forever without sex and marriage.

Only when they are completely absorbed in their new role will they be accepted by “real” men. This is what the Kanun prescribes, an archaic common law that survived communism and the turnaround after 1989.

The occasional blood vengeance can be traced back to this code of honor. In the past, such feuds often only ended when the last man in a family was dead. The vacant position of the head of the clan then occupied the "sworn virgin".

What makes Albanian brides so popular?

The fame of the Albanian brides does not stop increasing, also not only because of the Albanian famous people who promote the state in the international arena. There are still many positive properties of Albanian brides besides their appearance, which give them the opportunity to enjoy it in order to be the most desired European narrow-minded.

Thus, what directly compels thousands of the stronger sex to find the Albanian lonely also to enter into a marriage with a solid relationship with them? This is the most significant property of the girls of Albania, which you can rely on.


A powerful relationship among the girl and her representative of the stronger sex is considered one of the factors according to which Albanian women make impeccable material used for the purpose of union. They invest, without exception, their own relics in relationships with you, and they also carry out all that is permissible, in order for the marriage union to form.

The well-known fidelity of Albanian spouses is the result of their training. Most of them increase in surnames, in which place their mothers also prefer to honor their parents, who prefer to also honor them as a result. Girls who increase, following due to these relationships, tend to commit in this case, after all, most for the purpose of their own names.

Look for what reason they will strive to make you feel yourself desired and adored from the stage of meeting with you. If the girl is interested in you, you can wait for the beloved to become related to you with absolutely all respect and also the sympathy that the beloved can. Also, this is not just a complicated conspiracy to force you to enter into a marriage: even after some years of union, the Albanian girl in this way is exact and attentive as well, as well as constantly.

About Wedding

When two people celebrate a wedding, it is always a special event, and not just for the two main participants. Family and friends usually enjoy it at least as much, they celebrate, dance and laugh.

The celebration begins as part of the family, usually in the groom's house, often a week before the actual wedding, where there is usually an "engagement party" between the two families, where the future bride receives a gold coin as a token of the engagement , After this first meeting with parts of the family, there is a celebration in the bride's parents' house, where she receives gifts and sweets from the participating guests. Different drinks and refreshments will be served during this ceremony.

Then a second celebration takes place in the house of the groom's parents, in which the bride family also takes part. Here almonds (kufeta) traditionally coated with sugar are exchanged between the guests. It is also common to display wedding attire, the bride's mandatory dowry and groom gifts during this week.

There will also be a feast for relatives and friends during this week-long wedding celebration. Relatives of the bride come to her with wine, flowers, a plate of rice, almond candy and coins and invite her to the party. That evening, the bride, in turn, handed out small gifts to those present. The groom's job is to invite the "vellam", the best man, and the "cumulative", the godfather. This common festival of family and friends is celebrated extensively and exuberantly. Around midnight, the bride and groom go with their family and friends in opposite directions to three waters and fill two containers with water. Then coins are thrown into the air and the guests try to prevent each other from catching them.

The wedding cake looks very different regionally, there is hardly a standard here. It is also common to bake chickpea bread (buke me qiqra) a week beforehand. Customs are also an integral part of the process on the actual wedding day, for example, the best man brings bridal shoes wrapped in a silk scarf, which are filled with rice and almond candy. He is often accompanied by singing women, giving money to the person who helped prepare the bride.


The delightful appearance of Albanian women is one of the main factors, according to which they attract the interest of many Western representatives of the stronger sex. Including And if you simply walk along the streets of Tirana and other Albanian settlements, you can not help but be amazed by this, just as these girls look good.

The standard Albanian young girl has a more Balkan appearance with a powerful Turkish influence. Their skin of bronze-olive tone is also slightly kissed by the sun, the curls are black, but the cilia are also eyebrows like black, they are also dense, because they almost never need make-up.

In this case, the period, as well as numerous Western women, think that preparing food is a dull routine that is needed only for the purpose of survival, is also able to be simply replaced by buying finished dishes as well as takeaways, the relationship among the Albanian girl and the cuisine are completely different.

If all of them, without exception, are still growing, Albanian girls spend a large amount of time with their own mothers and grandmothers in the kitchen, exploring the secret of making dishes as well as for the purpose of daily, thus also for the purpose of a special incident.

For the purpose of these girls preparing food is much more than just preparing food. For the purpose, their given interesting activity is also a method of worrying about their own relatives. See why you can always rely on a family banquet during the week and also something special in this case, often with an Albanian feeling, on the weekend.


Despite the fact that the marriage union is considered one of the main values in the list of Albanian women, they are also familiar with their own independence. The realities of existence in the Eastern European state forced generations of Albanian girls to rely on themselves in providing for their families.

Including And if a girl grows up in the whole family, everyone without exception does teach her, then at the end of the day the beloved must be included in the stay. Most Albanian women acquire the highest formation as a profession, which then transforms into an effective career.

Where to meet Albanian women?

For the purpose of certain representatives of the stronger sex, traveling to Albania, the selection of attractive girls in the municipal streets yielded the necessary results, they are also now happy in alliance with the Albanian beloved. This is no less, this method of tracing brides will require a large amount of time with you as well.

Dating Albanian women online

If you don’t have an auxiliary budget near you, in order to find the love of your own existence, I advise you to register on an international dating website. Next, you will gain admission to thousands of Albanian girls trimmed for marriage, either for free or because of rational means.

Talking with a different number of girls, you can, in the end, have quite a few alternatives to choose from. It is also much easier to interrupt Internet interaction than to interrupt everything without exception personally. The clash of Albanian brides in their bonds has numerous positive sides and also has almost no flaws, for this reason you definitely need to think about this.

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The clash of Albanian brides in their bonds has numerous positive sides and also has almost no flaws, for this reason you definitely need to think about this

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