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Arab mail order brides — how do they differ from other women?

When some people hear about Arab wives and culture of these women, they think that the words “Muslim” and “Arab” are synonyms. In fact, in the world, Arabs represent a small part of the Muslim population. The Middle East is teeming with conflict. Most of the oil is concentrated in this area, Islam arose in this territory, and Muslim shrines are located in the Middle East. For centuries, various factors have influenced the perpetuation of the erroneous belief that most Muslims are Arabs. In fact, the identification of Muslims and Arabs is analogous to equating Catholics only with Italians. Islam professes about twenty percent of the world's population. This means that every fifth person is Muslim. They live in countries with different cultural and economic conditions. Arabs are not even the largest nation among the Muslim population. The vast majority of Muslims are located east of the Middle East. Many of them live in Indonesia and India. About a fifth of Muslims live in Central Africa, and only about 18% of Muslims live in Arab countries. Probably, that is why, men seeking for beautiful and attractive Arab brides through dating or marriage agency, cannot find these ladies so fast.

Dating Arab brides online — which woman can you meet?

A lot of Muslims will agree that Arab culture is not the best thing in Islam. Many Arab countries are dominated by dictators who pervert Islam for their political ends. The Arabs' mistreatment of women does not really reflect the real lives of millions of Muslim women living in non-Arab Muslim societies. The issue of repressive regimes and political flaws, ridiculed by Western media, does not reflect the political consciousness of millions of Muslims and Arabs who are civilized members of society around the world. A major step forward, although women's rights are still very limited. In their professional and personal life, they are always extremely supervised, enjoying very few freedoms. Therefore, sometimes it is very complicated for Arab brides to place their portfolios on the Internet as in many cases, this step would be not approved by their family.

However, you should not forget that Arab wives differ a lot. Many of Arab brides live in Egypt and Tunisia, where there are not so many restrictions for females (due to the reason that these countries are very popular with tourists from all over the world). Most Lebanon Arabian brides seeking marriage with a foreigner are well-educated women, and although, many of them are Muslims, they are very tolerant of other religions. Even their families do not see anything bad in that their Arabic daughters would marry a man from overseas.

However, in Saudi Arabia, life is different. Some things are strictly forbidden to Arab females. They do not have the permission to show their hair or make any eye contact with a representative of the male. Subject to the men, Arab females forbidden to leave the home and to avoid any temptation and any inclination for independence cannot be holders of a bank account. It's up to the man to take charge of the household, so it's up to him to manage the accounts. Arab men not only have the status of head of the family, but they are also guardians for their wives, sisters or daughters (even if they are major).

There is one thing that should be noted here. Today, special marriage agencies form Muslims exist. There, pretty Arab brides can find men seeking for future wives with the same traditions and culture, mostly Muslims. They can come from the USA, France, Italy, Germany, Canada — they live almost in all countries.

Besides, at least 40% of Arab brides are not against seeking for love with a non-Muslim, (to search for a Christian, for example). It is possible to do online, but both women and men should remember about a lot of fraudsters that work on these sites. To stay safe and to date an honest person, guys looking for a serious relationship should check the agency before they agree to cooperate with it and provide it with their personal information needed for portfolios.

Why should men pick Arab mail order brides?

Probably, the best argument here is their beauty. Almost all young Arab mail order brides, looking for a relationship with a man from overseas, are very pretty. Secondly, they know how to forgive men. Their religion says that a man can have 4 wives (in case, he can provide the life of each one with everything that she needs). Arab wives do not want to let other women share their husband with another female. They know that European men cannot have more than 1 spouse, and they want to build a family overseas, to be “his only one”.

A man, choosing an Arab bride as a future wife, can become the happiest guy in the world. She will be the one, who will care about him all their life, never cheat him, and never try to argue: according to their traditions, Arab wives must respect their husbands and even obey them. They will never give him any reason for a divorce, and they will never ask to part.

Many Western men hate when their girlfriends and wives smoke and drink too much alcohol, but it will be difficult to find Arab brides from abroad with these addictions. Sometimes, Muslims from the USA and Europe cannot find a very good Arabic girl (or a Muslim) that has no bad habits. The Western way of life “spoils” them. Therefore, these gentlemen take a decision to apply to a good Muslim marriage agency, working now, mostly online and look there for Arab females.

The choice of mail order Arab brides there is great — each of them wants a good family, and these women come from various countries (mostly, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia). Being a member of a trusted and reliable dating site, a man can communicate with many Arab brides before he finds a match.

The other reasons for choosing Arabian brides are:

  1. The natural passion of Arab women;
  2. Desire to have children;
  3. Respect to old people;
  4. Great inner energy;
  5. The devotion of Arab women to their families.

Religion, Arabic women, and Islamic laws

Almost all Arab brides coming from abroad used to live according to Islamic law, which comes from three sources. These are the Qur'an, which Muslims regard as a direct divine revelation, the hadith supposed to represent the sayings of the Prophet and the sunnah, describing the traditions and gestures of the Prophet. By being sacred, the Qur'an leaves no room for change and no human intervention. Nevertheless, the authenticity of the Prophet's sayings and traditions, which were recounted at least a century after his death, was, in both cases, in doubt from the outset. The restrictions that were gradually imposed on Arab women public role and their exclusion from the most important areas of activity of their society and the control that was to be imposed upon them resulted from the worst characteristics of Mediterranean misogyny and Middle East and an Islam interpreted at worst for Arabic women to remember that all jurists were men and that each interpretation would result from the intellectual capacity of the person interpreting the Qur'an. For example, the superiority of the Arab man over the woman comes from the fact that he is responsible for his maintenance and that of the family. This responsibility for livelihood has been dictated by the difference in nature between the two. The man being physically stronger, he is better suited to work. The natural difference between Arabic man and Arab woman does not mean that one is better than the other; this only means that the two are different; because, in the eyes of God, both are equal in their humanity.

Cultural differences and restrictions

Arabic world is still an enigma for many Europeans and Americans. Men, seeking for their Arab wives, are shocked when they are told about restrictions in the countries, where these ladies live. These restrictions allowed for a number of clichés and misconceptions, the most harmful of which are that women are physically and intellectually inferior to men, which implies that they remain totally dependent on the opposite sex. This led to the worst practice errors. That is, not only to ignore the Arab woman's consent at the time of the marriage but also to force her to marriage by her closest male relative. Another of these errors was to deny him the right to divorce, whatever the cause. The third one which, was asking Arab women to veil their faces in public, was very humiliating for many Arabic wives.

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the status of Muslim and Arab women was changed, but a bit. Nevertheless, there are two points to consider. First, the Muslim world is vast. It covers areas from the Atlantic Ocean to Africa, the Middle East, and the Arabian Peninsula, and then to Central and Southeast Asia. The life of Tunisian women, for example, has nothing to do with that of Saudi women. In Tunisia, Arabic women have reached total and absolute equality with men, while a Saudi woman is not allowed to take a taxi without being accompanied by a male parent. However, with the progress of education and the development of the means of communication, changes are occurring everywhere to different degrees. The Western-backed solution is that Muslim females should embrace Western culture and way of life to emancipate themselves.

However, according to the review of over 160 online marriage agencies working with Arabian brides and men from the USA and Europe, the difference between traditions and religions never affected a relationship in the family.

Saudi Arabian women — why are they popular?

Saudi Arabian women have the most limited rights in the world. They must indeed ask permission from their guardian to do several things, which for Westerners seem innocuous to us. If Saudi Arabian women are allowed to work (18 countries in the world prohibit women from being able to exercise a profession), they must ask permission from their guardian. On the other hand, they cannot practice all trades. Any contact with a man being forbidden to them, they do not have the possibility to be in contact with the public, except in hospitals or secondary schools. It is still rare to see women practicing in politics, engineering or the architect, that is to say, in highly qualified professions. Similarly, they have the opportunity to study, but the agreement of the guardian is mandatory. The ironic fact is that of the 60% of Arab women graduates, only 23% of them work since although qualified, they must ask the agreement of their guardian to cash in their knowledge. If Arabic women from Saudi divorce, they cannot claim custody of their children. Arab women personal life does not really belong to them since they also have the obligation to ask permission from their guardian to be able to get married, travel or simply go out. If Arabic women are allowed to do so, they must take care to frequent restaurants or to take public transport where they cannot be in contact with men, mixing is prohibited. Saudi Arabian women have the obligation to wear the abaya, clothes that close their bodies, and they cannot try their dresses during the shopping sessions. Until recently, they were also not allowed to play sports. Finally, an emblematic illustration of the restriction of the rights of Saudi women: if they can testify in court, the word of a man is equivalent to that of two women.

All of these restrictions seem to be very strange for a man who starts taking with these pretty Arab brides online in order to create a family with one of them soon. Many men feel like being real heroes, who save ladies from slavery. They sympathize these girls and want not only to marry them but to help them by all means. They know that some men in their countries even pay money to buy Arab wives, and it shocks them.

Communicating with these mail order Arab brides, they soon understand that they speak one language — the language of love. Offering these women to marry, most foreign grooms feel really happy. Men like to feel being knights and protect ladies, and these girls really need protection.

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The Process
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Create an account. Write some interesting information about yourself. It will help a bride you would like to chat with to make a first impression about you, so don’t ignore this step and approach this very attentively.
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