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Bulgarian Brides

A Bulgarian bride from the Balkans — beauty, kindness, and independence

Bulgaria is a unique country. It is a mixture of East and West. For many years, the country was under the yoke of Turkey, so that it affected everything: the appearance of beautiful Bulgarian women, their culture, character, and traditions. Tourists that come to Bulgaria fall in love with it, and they do not understand why so many single Bulgarian ladies are seeking their love online, and ready to go overseas to create there a family. Yes, this land is very sunny, and people seem to be cheerful. Politeness and courtesy are natural for a Bulgarian woman. Peace of mind and poise are inherent in every Bulgarian, even in big cities you will not find fuss and rude attitude. The spirit of peace prevails everywhere, which helps to effectively combine work, leisure and family life. Being an extremely hardworking people, Bulgarian women and men will certainly start their day with a cup of coffee and never miss a lunch break, which here often lasts more than one hour.

However, everything is not as great as it might seem to a foreigner. The study among 27 EU countries shows that Bulgarians continue to feel most unhappy European nation. Women complain that their men show no initiative, and men say they cannot provide the best life for their wives. Thus, divorces happen there very often. In many cases, Bulgarian singles decide to become online mail order brides and find a husband abroad.

Bulgarian women — date the most beautiful ladies in Europe

Bulgarian women are beautiful and charming in their own way. Mostly they are dark-skinned, have dark and curly hair; their eyes are lively and expressive. Hot Bulgarian girls have a strong-willed character, they are self-confident and hardworking. At the same time, they are wonderful mothers who can bring up virtue, obedience, and respect for elders in children. Bulgarian women are excellent housewives who can organize the whole household in the best way; they are faithful, loving and respecting wives of their husbands and respect family traditions. However, many of them become Bulgarian mail order brides and start to search their relationship with foreign men for the USA and Western Europe. They register in reliable marriage agencies and share portfolios with all men, interested in a marriage with a beautiful Bulgarian bride. Today, Bulgarian women live to an average of 79 years and this is 8 years more than Bulgarian men, and the ratio of women to men in Bulgaria is 107 to 100. Therefore, many ladies there have not so many chances to find a very good and supportive husband.

Attractive features of most Bulgarian brides

Most Bulgarian brides are sophisticated and beautiful. Despite the high-calorie food, hearty breakfasts, and snacks, they are slim and fit. How do they do it? It is extremely rare to see a very plump Bulgarian. If a Bulgarian is a bit fatty, she might have some serious disease simply. A significant plus of Bulgarian brides (all ages) is that they look younger. Some ladies that become online brides and write that they are 40, look 25-28, and Americans admire their beauty and nice faces without wrinkles. All Bulgarian brides can brag with their luxurious hair. Bulgarians do not like fashionable haircuts, they love their hair. They give them even more volume, jealously monitor the length. In a word, they guard their beauty and the arguments about fashionable haircuts seem delusional to them. The “average” Bulgarian bride has the following overall characteristics: height 165 cm, weight 65 kg. Most of them look slender, but not skinny at all. Over 50% of these ladies do not drink alcohol, but, very often, dating Bulgarian women, foreigners are surprised as these ladies smoke a lot. Contrary to popular belief, there are no more than half brown and black-haired women in Bulgaria; blue-eyed/ brown-haired women and natural blondes are quite common here. They differ from the inhabitants of Western Europe only with height and harmony. It is not easy to see a fat woman on the streets of Bulgarian cities.

More fast about Bulgarian women: why do they become mail order brides?

Bulgarian brides are religious, self-respecting women. 13% of women living in this country practice Islam; Eastern Orthodox Christianity is a traditional religion, which plays a significant role in the life of society. Bulgarian females are very respectable and well-mannered, but at the same time they are modern and strive for self-realization. Women, especially those who live in big cities, really appreciate the opportunity to work outside the home, not only and not so much because of financial reasons, but because the work gives them a sense of independence and personal satisfaction from the work done. However, family life is patriarchal in nature, a man there is naturally the head of the family. However, recent 10-18 years show that 1/3 of women there would like to be called a “Bulgarian mail order bride”, a lady, looking for her future spouse in another country and using online special services for it. This statistics speaks for itself: if in 1995 Bulgarian used to become a bride at 20-21, years old, and gave birth to her first child at 22.2, then in 2018-2019 she married at 28 years and became a mother at 29-30 years. Girls in this country are not in a hurry to many of their local men: they plan to abandon Bulgaria and go to the country of their future spouses. These ladies are demanding, more active than their men. There is a request for a strong man, and the young Bulgarian herself is not at all submissive, but rather capricious and demanding, with high opinions about herself and with high standards of consumption. At the same time, men in Bulgaria are more infantile; often in adulthood rely on the opinion of their parents. Caring for children does not end with the period of graduation from high school, but often continues until retirement. Additionally, due to the fact that the country has an extremely difficult economic situation, men look confused and a little depressed, because they cannot offer much to their women. As a result, special local and international marriage agencies have thousands of profiles of young brides, searching for their love online.

Bulgarian brides: future good wives and mothers

According to their traditions, a Bulgarian bride must be ready for family life and for the role of a future mother. Bulgarians pay a lot of attention to raising children, which is naturally good! In this country, no one is deprived of cheerfulness, and especially women. Their beauty cannot always be called standard. They are slim. This is some kind of magic. With such an abundance of delicious national food, they remain slim for many years, even after marriage and giving birth to kids. All Bulgarian females are active, striving to study, work or earn extra money. They love children; they try to have 2-3 kids at least. However, if her husband is ready to support a family, these women would better stay at home, caring about kids and house. If there is an opportunity to stay at home with children - a real right Bulgarian will rarely miss her. Her table is always set with delicious southern dishes; her home looks clean and neat, the children are jolly, and the husband is happy. Many Bulgarian girls start dreaming about their motherhood since childhood, and it differs them from American women and European ladies.

However, some men, who married women from Bulgaria, say that their “national feature” is to “forget” to do something. They are too relaxed to remember about many things and to get stressed though it. They can be late for a very important date or an event and would be very surprised if you start blaming them for it. Many Bulgarian ladies remain young girls inside. Even when they have kids and grandchildren, they can feel like 20-year old girls, and their men love it so much!

Cultural traditions and brides from Bulgaria

When American and European men start communication with Bulgarian brides and chat with them online, using a webcam, they are surprised often. For instance, when they ask a girl for something and hear “yes” from her, they can see that a bride from Bulgaria is swinging her head (showing “no”). Curious, but in this country, people are nodding their heads when they disagree with something, and vice versa. Another curious feature of them is that they all like people from ex-USSR countries, especially, Russia (most of them speak Russian even), but they would never dream about living in this largest country in the world. They are true patriots. Even when a Bulgarian bride comes from the smallest village, she would mark special events and dates of her Motherland abroad.

Looking for Bulgarian women for marriage, be ready for many surprises, especially when you meet them in real life, after a long correspondence. For instance, an unmarried girl from this country will never sit in the middle of the table. Bulgarian girl's place is on the corner of the table, otherwise, she won’t get married. Bulgarian girls from the gypsy community of Kalayci, gather 4 times a year for “bride markets”, where they offer themselves for potential “buyers”. Moreover, girls are encouraged to go there immediately after puberty. The groom who has found a chosen one must pay money for her. The price is usually set by parents and it depends on the beauty of the girl. The lighter the skin and eye color of a potential bride, the more expensive the woman will be. A beauty can cost 12.5 thousand euros, but usually, the average "cost" is 2.5 thousand euros per girl. Certainly, now, it is more a tradition for fun — even gypsies there start to marry officially.

According to the tradition of the Bulgarian people, newlyweds may not ask their parents for blessings for marriage, for a girl who reciprocates with the boyfriend’s courtship, it is enough to come to his house and touch the hearth, the symbol of the Bulgarian family, with his hand — this will mean consent to marriage. There is another tradition in this country, but it is very difficult to follow it when a Bulgarian female marries a man, not in her country. At the end of the registration of the marriage, the newlyweds must first go to the groom's house, where they will be met by the mother-in-law with bread and salt and wine. The mother-in-law places greens on the daughter-in-law’s chest as a symbol of health and enters the house with a white canvas, a symbol of innocence and purity. Sometimes, men, who want to please their Bulgarian wife, travel to this country and organize a marriage there according to the traditions of a bride.

A Bulgarian bride — beauty, kindness, and charm

Many sexy Bulgarian women only look very hot and sometimes, even seem too capricious. In reality, they are wonderful spouses and mothers. Men, who marry these women, never regret it after. In general, women from Bulgaria are considered very family-loving and loyal. The traits of each lady depend on their origin and professional status.

Applying to a marriage online international agency (regardless of country), men can find their women from Bulgaria. Of course, other women can offer them whatever their heart desires, regardless of their nation or origin. Any partner brokerage with women from Eastern Europe always benefits from the social gap. At present, the biggest gap is between women from Belarus, Ukraine and the Balkans (Bulgaria). In this regard, the general rule is that every partnership is always, from the factual point of view, the business between the partners. But this does not stop both sides from deeply falling in love with each other, and for a long time to go part of the way together.

Currently, there are many matchmakers offering complete packages of translations, documentary services, travel planning, arranging dates on your Bulgaria tour, and much more. However, the agents also pay well and are not protected from fraudsters. Check everything well before investing your money. Trust only the agencies with the best real online reviews, and those services that work for many years.

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