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Burmese Brides

Burmese bride is a rare flower with a charming aroma  

The vast majority of women in Burma are real diamonds that can decorate the life of any man. They are as excitingly beautiful and strikingly stately as Oriental figurines. The appearance of these brides is always pleasing to the eye, but they are surprisingly modest, hardworking and noble.

The special beauty of Burmese brides

Taking into account the geographical location of the country (Burma is situated in Southeastern Asia), one can assume that its female inhabitants look like all Eastern brides. In fact, they don't look like Chinese women, or Indian brides, or Thais. Burmese women are endowed with their own special beauty.

An image that captivates Western men 

Burmese girls have open and friendly faces with slanting eyes, very thick black hair, and a straight, almost perfect posture. Small growth frees them completely from clumsy, angular and abrupt movements. On the contrary, any movement of a woman from Burma is slow and graceful, not to mention the walk... It's just fantastic. 

Burmese brides inherit grace and slenderness. After all, in Myanmar, people sleep on hard mats, and all the loads are carried by ladies on their heads. This is the image that attracts European men who are increasingly choosing an Asian destination for their holidays.

The Burmese girl’s secret of rejuvenation 

However, at first, many tourists and travelers are somewhat confused by the faces of Burmese brides which are marked with local cosmetics. The fact is that according to tradition, as well as for cosmetic and hygienic purposes, brides in Burma apply a paste from the crushed bark of the local thanaka tree to their faces, mainly on the cheeks and forehead, less often on the nose and shoulders.

There’s no special strict pattern, and Burmese hot girls may do it at their discretion and according to their mood. This "mask" has antiseptic and anti-sunburn properties. Brides in Burma apply it to the entire face for a while after bathing. 

The effect is complex: skin is protected from drying out with simultaneous hydration and cooling (this is very important for women in Burma who are almost constantly under the scalding sun). Thanks to the antiseptic properties of the thanaka-based mask, it eliminates pimples and acne. This is why Burmese brides have perfectly smooth skin.

The charm of traditional dress

When it comes to clothing, beautiful Burmese women adhere to the traditional style: no slacks and no closed shoes. Young brides - as well as men - wear long skirts. Girls wear light flip-flops on their feet. Even the clothes and shoes dictate slowness: you can't run in a skirt and flip-flops.

Unlike skirts in Scotland, skirts in Burma are long and light. Women's lounge skirts differ from men's only in the color and location of the knot. The very method of tying a Burmese skirt is a miracle for the untrained eye. With a deft movement, a Burmese woman tightens the upper edge of the skirt into a kind of knot (the ends of it are not tied), and the skirt fits perfectly! One can only wonder how mobile phones and wallets can be tucked into the waistband of such a soft structure.

There are no long shawls or scarves here. Brides in Burma don't wear hats at all unless they work in the fields. Then they put on wide-rimmed cane hats-helmets. 

You can always watch Burma girls walking in national clothes: the traditional long skirt with a fixing knot on the side leaves a lot of space for men's imagination.

Cultural sources of the mentality of Burmese women 

Burma's culture and traditions are quite original. It is difficult to understand the character, outlook and habits of a Burmese bride without knowing it. 

The names of the week 

People in Burma do not have surnames or patronymics - they only have first names. Parents can name two siblings, for example, Min Min and Mo Mo, and it is just impossible to determine from the spelling that they are sisters. Besides, the name may change over time (that’s why Burmese people often find each other by the address in a phonebook).

We find it strange to live without surnames. Burmese ladies, by contrast, wonder why they should make so many difficulties for themselves. The day of the week on which they were born is much more important for them. Every bride in Burma knows that. The day of the week is crucial.

According to tradition, names are given here pursuant to the instructions of an astrologer, and along with the name, each girl receives a horoscope which she follows all her life. Women in Burma use it to determine who they can be friends with and who they can't be friends with, and at the same time, they can find out what path of life awaits them.

The Burmese brides are so confident in the inviolability of this postulate that it’s beyond any discussion for them. For a woman from Burma, everything is obvious from the moment of birth. You should keep in mind that there are 8 astrological days of the week in Burma - this is because Wednesday is divided into 2 parts. 

Anyone who marries a Burma hot girl should get acquainted with the following astrological forecasts (just in case):

  • those who were born on Monday are jealous;
  • on Tuesday: honest;
  • on Wednesday: quick-tempered, but forgiving;
  • on Thursday: meek; 
  • on Friday: talkative;
  • on Saturday: quarrelsome;
  • on Sunday: greedy.

Remember: the first letter of the Burmese bride’s name corresponds to the day of the week when she was born.

At any significant stupa in Burma, you can always see 8 figures depicting the patrons of the days of the week. If a Burmese bride wants to do a good deed, that is, to improve her upcoming rebirth, she must pour water on her patron as many times as she is old. Therefore, large pagodas are always crowded with people, both men and women, watering a stone rat, an elephant or a tiger.

Language and character

It is true that language is the soul of the people. Burmese writing is characterized by roundness. All elements of the letters in it are round. There’s no sharpness and angularity in them, just like in the character of Burmese women. Young brides and adult ladies of the Burmese capital Yangon, with its population of 4 million people, have adapted well to the overcrowding and have developed a code of behavior. It’s based on the iron prescription: if you live your own life, let others live as well. Burmese ladies strictly follow this code in their daily lives. 

Yangon brides are always cheerful and calm, they never have gloomy, annoyed or bored faces. The simplicity and carefree nature of Burmese women are seamlessly woven into the atmosphere of Yangon.

By the way, young representatives of the fair sex in Burma (both married women and girls) call themselves "ma”, which means "girl". Women who are older by age or higher by social status are addressed with the prefix "du".

What do Western men value in Burmese women?

Women in this country occupy a special position which differs from that of many Asian brides.

Independence and equality

Back in the late 19th century, the Scottish journalist James George Scott marveled at the independence of these ladies. A Burmese bride chooses her own life partner and may divorce her husband whenever she wants. Her dowry and all that she’s earned during her married life belongs to her and her descendants.

In Burma, women have access to education, science and culture. There are no exclusively male professions here. Burmese women serve in the army, police, even in the navy; they are engaged in initial military training in schools and institutes, work as doctors and teachers. Due to it, they adapt to the conditions of Western society quicker than many other Asian women.

Natural behavior 

The streets of Burmese cities are full of women. They behave in quite a light-hearted way. Young brides will not refuse to take a picture with you as a souvenir, even allowing you a hug (purely symbolic, of course). And there are guarantees that local Burmese gentlemen will not attack you with daggers for that. 

An interesting feature of Yangon is street bathing. Water is supplied to brick-lined and cemented containers installed directly on the wayside. Women who live nearby wash here with men and do the laundry in full public view. People in Burma take a bath right in their skirts on; women fix it under their arms. After bathing, ladies quickly change their skirts. 

Giving up bad habits 

In Western society young brides smoke quite often, in Burma, on the contrary, only respectable mothers of families can be seen with a cigar. The new generation of Burmese women does not support the passion for tobacco, for they do not see any aesthetic or practical benefits in it.

Young brides also go back of barbaric custom of stretching the girls' necks. This is achieved by putting metal rings on the girl's neck from childhood and as this body part is pulled out, they add another ring. As a result, by the age of majority, a Burmese bride must have a neck that is longer than the physiological norm, while the total weight of the rings reaches 6 kg (!).  

By the age of 45-50, Burmese woman has a neck stretched up to 40 cm (this is the length of the cervical spine officially registered in a resident of Burma). Of course, the rings can not be removed, since the muscles are atrophied, or rather, there are no muscles there. Fortunately, this procedure is not mandatory, and most young women do not want to injure themselves.

Attitude to family responsibilities

Women and men in Burma usually marry for love. If the Burmese wedding is not approved by parents, a bride and her groom can secretly leave their parents' homes and form a union, taking refuge with relatives or friends. In that case, parents have no choice but to recognize the marriage.

A Burmese wife is perfect. Not knowing the feeling of laziness, she keeps the house in order.  Female infidelity is extremely rare in Burma, as well as divorces. Women behave modestly, do not contradict their husbands and can give good advice.

Foreigners always marvel at the calmness and equanimity of Burmese wives. They don't make a fuss and don't get into an argument. When a woman from Burma notices the mistake of her husband, she tries to quickly calm him down with the words: "Ya ba de" or "Keisa ma shi ba bu" ("Do not worry" and "It will be OK”).

Burmese wives are usually involved in settling all issues. These women are very fond of children and call them jewels. The mother of a large family (and there are most of them here: large number of children is the rule, not the exception in Burma) is highly respected. 

The art of culinary and hospitality 

Burmese women are skilled cooks who know the secrets of spicy cuisine. They add a lot of spicy seasonings to their dishes of which the following are popular: 

  • “letok son” (a kind of spicy vegetable salad with rice);
  • “mohinga” (fish soup with noodles);
  • “khauk swe” (rice flour noodle cooked in coconut milk with pieces of fish, meat and shrimp).

Rice is the most important in a Burmese house. When Burmese people greet each other, they usually ask: “Have you already eaten rice today?”, it’s like “How are you?” 

Burmese brides add various seasonings to green tea as well which is their favorite drink. A bit sour ziti jam tastes well with green Burmese tea (ziti is a kind of small plum).

The traditional Burmese dessert should not go unmentioned. It’s based on pickled tea leaves. They are served with fried peanuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, onion, garlic and… fried locusts.  

Burmese dating is quite quick - as soon as you get acquainted, you’re already invited to the bride’s house. There is no course at the Burmese dinner, everything is put on the table at once: fried fish, chicken, pork, shrimp and, of course, all kinds of seasonings: pepper, garlic, onions, as well as vegetables and fruits.

Why do Burmese brides prefer foreign men? 

Despite the more or less successful solution of the "women's" issue in Burma, this country is not the most comfortable place for the fair sex. Signs of female discrimination are found everywhere in Burma:

  • Burmese brides do not seek a good education - despite its availability - and get a decent job: since childhood, they are taught that men are more intelligent and more disposed to knowledge and science;
  • hardworking Burmese women work in agriculture, are engaged in craft and trade (visiting a Burmese workshop, you don’t need to ask whom it belongs to since in most cases it will turn out that the owner is a woman), so the well-being of many families often depends on female labor;
  • Burmese women have to carry the burden of housework upon their shoulders because a man may go into a monastery for a while; 
  • women's work in Burma is paid much lower than men's; women are forbidden to enter certain rooms and climb to the upper floors of pagodas, as well as to touch a monk, even if by accident;
  • there is no place for Burmese women in politics (however, the whole world knows the name of a Burmese woman Aung San Suu Kyi; she’s thе Nobel peace prize winner of 1991 for her contribution to peace and gender equality; she’s the Minister of Foreign affairs since 2016).

All these facts explain why Burmese beauties pray in pagodas to become men in the next life and secretly dream of marrying representatives of advanced societies.

Rules for online dating with a Burmese bride

  1. Select the appropriate Internet platform for you. It is important that the dating site specializes in Asian brides and offers free registration. After getting access to the database of girls you are interested in, viewing the photos and the profiles of brides, you can decide whether you should stay here or look for another resource.
  2. Match the site's business model to your needs and capabilities. Remember - the basic package of services includes expenses for sending contact information, exchanging emails or SMS, and auto-search. Additional costs may arise if it’s allowed to contact brides via a paid phone number or video chat.
    The pricing system should be transparent and clear. If paid services are not clearly described, you can try to contact the dating service and find out about it specifically. The response can help you evaluate the reputation of the service supplier. 
  3. Beware of free offers. Despite large number of brides, these sites often leak confidential information. Besides, there are usually a lot of virtuals, trolls and scammers of all stripes.
  4. When creating your profile, show originality and creativity to attract the attention of Burmese brides. Do not misuse the figures of speech: the bride you dream of knows English but is unlikely to have read Chateaubriand or Kierkegaard and will not be able to appreciate too high-flown or intricate phrases.
  5. When coming up with a nickname, adjust it to the postulates of Buddhism (this is the most popular religion in Burma). Here are some ideas: The One Who Shares His Joy; Your Deliverer From All Troubles; Let's Be Happy Together.
  6. Relevant topics for online communication with a Burmese bride are as follows: astrology (Eastern horoscope), holidays and customs in Burma, cuisine, home-based crafts.
  7. Don't skimp on compliments (all girls like them). However, too frivolous jokes and erotic photos won’t be appropriate in communicating with a modest Burmese bride.
  8. Try not to lie to your online bride. A Burmese woman can understand and forgive a lot, but she’ll remember your lies, and in the future, it can become fertile ground for distrust.   
  9. Try to communicate with your bride via Skype using video. This will save both of you from future disappointments.


A heavy burden does not prevent Burmese women from remaining calm, balanced, friendly and, of course, attractive. You will not see such a princess kicking back in a club (in Burma, only professionals dance) or at discos (although they began to appear in Yangon, they have a bad reputation). Take a closer look at these brides - and perhaps one of them will become your true friend for life.    

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A heavy burden does not prevent Burmese women from remaining calm, balanced, friendly and, of course, attractive. You will not see such a princess kicking back in a club (in Burma, only professionals dance) or at discos (although they began to appear in Yangon, they have a bad reputation).

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