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China Girls For Marriage: Love Is Only A Few Clicks Away

In the past few decades, online dating has become the prevailing way for people to find a soulmate. Thanks to the advance of internet technologies, your dating opportunities are no longer limited geographically. No need to stay within the bounds of your city when you can access the international dating scene and look for a suitable life partner all around the globe. In particular, this has led to a surge in the Western men's interest towards Chinese ladies. It is small wonder, as women from this country have always been known as excellent wives and mothers that treat their husbands with the utmost respect.

Speaking in economic terms, the surge in demand has increased supply. Nowadays, everyone interested can find Chinese mail-order bride sites in abundance across the web. Any search engine will give you thousands of results if you inquire about hot Chinese women for marriage. But one question remains relevant at all times: how to select a reliable Chinese mail-order brides website? There are so many portals that hold out loud promises of a happy married life with a Chinese wive for every Western man. How to get help in finding your soulmate and avoid getting scammed? This article will focus on answering these questions, and also touch upon the cultural specifics that may affect your dating experience with a Chinese girlfriend.

Peculiarities Of The Scene Of Dating In China

Society puts a lot of pressure on young and hot Chinese women to find a man, build a solid relationship, and get married before the age of 28. Chinese girls are under so much stress that they even hire fake boyfriends to present to their families and friends on various occasions. A young Chinese woman's parents typically have little to no prejudice against mixed marriages. Chinese mail-order brides themselves find the idea of a foreign husband appealing because they want to escape the patriarchal society of their home country. According to Chinese traditions, the man is to be treated like a king in the family. A Chinese woman is expected to obey her father before marriage, her husband when married, her sons when widowed. Of course, many ladies do not see such a family situation as ideal, which prompts them to resort to mail-order bride agencies and seek a foreign husband. And there is nothing wrong with their desire to be treated as an equal partner in marriage.

When a Chinese woman reaches the age of 28, she is no longer considered young. She will be referred to as “sheng nu” – a spinster whom no sane Chinese man would want to marry. If no one has put a ring on her finger by this age, she'll likely never find a husband and spend the rest of her days alone. Strangely enough, the notion of marriage age is inverted in Western countries, where women put careers first and put off marriage and kids until their late 30s. Moreover, most European and American men who seek a mail-order bride would prefer marrying a woman in her late 20s who already has a certain degree of maturity and life experience. These circumstances create a mutually beneficial situation between the two dating worlds, allowing both Western men and Chinese women to get what they seek.

The Gorgeous Looks Of Chinese Girls

Most Western men find Chinese girls to be incredibly attractive. Their appearance is indeed irresistible, with petite stature, delicate features, flawless porcelain-smooth skin, and an unrivaled sense of style. A typical Chinese lady has dark lustrous hair that goes below her shoulders, dark almond-shaped eyes, and full, seductive lips. Thanks to their natural charm, Chinese ladies mesmerize Western men at first sight.

On average, a Chinese woman stands 5'1-5'3 tall, and her miniature physical appearance makes every man eager to protect her. Chinese girls are slender and naturally feminine. Elegant, stylish outfits help them emphasize their inherent fragility and tenderness. Worth noting, Chinese mail-order brides care a great deal about staying in shape. Striving to keep their bodies hot and desirable, they attend the gym on the regular and often engage in sports activities.

A peculiar thing to note about Chinese ladies is their obsession with hair. Typical Chinese girls looking for marriage with a foreigner frequents hair salons and religiously adheres to a hair care routine at home. Most Chinese women have black or dark brown hair color naturally, but those who were “unlucky” to be born with a fair hair color usually have it dyed. Another beauty standard prevailing in China is the aristocratically pale skin. The vast majority of Chinese girls avoid getting a tan at all costs. The porcelain-white skin is considered a sign of true female beauty.

The average Chinese girl has a slender build not only due to regular exercise and sports but also as a result of good genes. Even if a Chinese woman does not follow a diet and eats a lot of unhealthy foods, she is very unlikely to put on excessive weight. Slim Chinese wives are considered a stereotype, but it's entirely based on reality. If you are into thin and petite girls, marrying a Chinese mail-order bride will give you a delightful spousal life.

In China, women use bright and abundant makeup only on special occasions. On a daily basis, a Chinese girl applies as little makeup as necessary to emphasize her beautiful features. If you, like the majority of Western men, want to see your lady with minimal makeup, dating a Chinese girl may be the right choice for you.

A Glimpse Into The Character Of Chinese Girls

Modern Chinese women. Dating a Chinese girl with a modern outlook on the matters of relationships and marriage, you'll be showered with loved, care, and sentiments. However, your Chinese wife's life will not revolve around you, your relationship, and children. She'll have a strong focus on obtaining education and climbing up the career ladder. A modern Chinese lady strives to be accomplished in every aspect of her life, from marriage to employment. She has an active disposition and liberal views. It's a growing trend among modern Chinese women to pick foreigners as their husbands, as men from the West are more inclined to treat women as equal partners. Becoming a mail-order bride allows young Chinese ladies to focus on self-development. Besides, a Chinese girl is 25 years or older by the time she's received a degree and made her first steps in the professional field. Chinese men are generally interested in brides aged from late teens to early twenties.

Traditional Chinese girls. A different character is pertinent to ladies who were brought up in patriarchal families and embraced the traditional views on the female role in marriage. For a traditional Chinese woman, marrying a good man and creating a family is the main life goal and a means of self-fulfillment. Keeping the husband happy is one of her top priorities. In terms of temperament, she's distinguished by faithfulness, modesty, and a docile attitude. Your gorgeous Chinese wife will be passionate about transforming your house into a cozy family nest. She'll be the best mother to your future children, fully devoting herself to their upbringing. Such a Chinese spouse is the dream of every man who prefers the traditional gender roles in marriage.

What Are The Main Rules When You're Dating A Chinese Woman?

Controversial topics should not be brought up. If you think that a particular subject may cause a clash of opinions between you and your Chinese girlfriend, it's better to leave it undiscussed. In particular, you should tread carefully when it comes to political issues. Keep in mind that your Chinese lady's cultural and educational background differs from yours, as does her lifestyle. Her point of view on the relevant controversial issues may be radically opposed to yours. Diversity is an amazing thing, even within one relationship, but you should not let it stand between you and your love.

Your potential wife's housekeeping role should not be the main focus of conversations. You may want your Chinese girlfriend to become the stay-at-home mom to your future children, rather than the CEO of an international corporation. But it's not the best idea to focus on this topic incessantly, especially at the beginning of your relationship. You should be compassionate about the struggle of Chinese women in the battle for their rights amid the traditional patriarchal society in which they were brought up. Nowadays, many Chinese ladies have inspiring life goals that include getting a decent education and building a career. Even if being a housewife is the life goal of your Chinese girlfriend, you should watch your conduct and avoid saying insensitive things that would make it look as though you're suppressing women's rights.

Your behavior should be respectful at all times. Watch your manners and be considerate about the feelings and emotions of your Chinese girlfriend. If you show a lack of consideration, she may take offense and hold a grudge for a long time. It'll take quite some effort to make her see you in favorable light again.

You should not insist on meeting her parents unless you're set on marrying her. In Chinese society, it's not appropriate for the parents to meet every boyfriend of their daughter. If you set foot in their home, in their eyes, it means you intend to become part of the family. However, when you're dating a Chinese girl, it's normal to ask how her parents are. This shows you take a reasonable interest in the well-being of her family.

Finding The Safest Places To Meet Chinese Women Online

Even disregarding the gruesome and notorious issue of human trafficking, there is a fair chance to encounter mail-order bride activities that are not entirely legal or ethical. You must have heard quite a few stories about Western men that wanted to mail-order an Asian bride but instead fell a victim to fraud. This is a great reason to exercise cautiousness, as you should in all online interactions. But there's no ground for refusing from the services of a mail-order bride agency entirely, as this is still a viable way of finding a soulmate and life partner. After all, you must have heard even more stories of men living happily ever after with their loving and caring Chinese mail-order wives. A tad bit of precaution is all it takes to avoid catfishes and scams. 

When deciding on which Chinese mail-order bride agency to use, you need to realize that each of them has had a plethora of clients. Checking the feedback from them should be your first step in verifying the trustworthiness of a dating agency. Review aggregators will allow you to have a good look at the experiences of different users, showing you the practical advantages and drawbacks of every Chinese mail-order bride agency. Based on this information, you’ll be able to select a completely legal, safe, and reputable dating site.

What's Expected Of A Man Dating A Chinese Lady?

When you decide on dating a Chinese woman, you should be in the know regarding her expectations of a man in both relationship and marriage. This knowledge is a solid foundation for the success of your experience in dating a lady from China. You should always keep it in the back of your mind 

In terms of dating and married life, there is no wide acceptance of gender equality throughout China. The average local man is set on the strictly patriarchal family model. It's fair to assume that most Chinese mail-order brides decide to look for a husband abroad because Chinese men refuse to give them the respect and equal treatment they deserve. Your Chinese girlfriend or wife is not a possession of yours, and if you treat her like one, she will not be interested in building a life with you. After all, she can get that kind of treatment in her home country.

However, the desire to be respected by her partner does not imply a denial of the traditional female role in marriage. As a rule, a Chinese mail-order bride will assume the housekeeping role with great enthusiasm and strive to excel at all the tasks related to running the household. In this case, the man is naturally expected to provide for the family.

Even years into your relationship or marriage, do not forget how great is the difference between her cultural background and yours. Many things that are implied or go without saying in Western society may be confusing to her, and the same goes the other way around. If you're set on marrying a hot Chinese mail-order bride, be prepared to patiently explain the small details and nuances of your lifestyle to your spouse. Try to be the best husband you can – pay attention to her habits and behaviors and ask about anything that seems like a cultural difference.

Tips On Selecting A Chinese Mail-Order Bride Site

Before you proceed to find a Chinese wife, you should think carefully about all the physical and character traits you prefer your lady to have. For the best chances of a successful match, you need to have a clear picture in your head. Although this is a great first step towards meeting the love of your life, you also need to realize that all Chinese women are different and you're unlikely to meet a girl that matches your ideal in full. But that's the whole purpose of dating – to search for the desired partner, get to know her and decide whether she is the person with whom you'd want to go through life together.

Your next step is to find an online platform that offers Chinese mail-order bride services. Before you make your choice in favor of a specific website, make sure to read customer reviews on independent forums. You don't want to waste your time and nerve on fraudulent and untrustworthy sites.

Once you've chosen a site that offers everything you need, it's time to create an account, so that you can contact the Chinese mail-order brides. Sign up, upload your best photos, and write a profile description, specifying your interests, values, and what you expect of your future Chinese wife. As a rule, an online dating portal has a special questionnaire that you have to answer to be offered the most suitable matches. In case you have never tried online dating before, these are the crucial features of a reliable Chinese mail-order bride site:

1. Detailed positive reviews found on third-party websites.

2. Availability of a trial period or a demo version – you're not asked to buy a premium membership off the bat.

3. A focus on the safety and security of the clients' private and sensitive information.

4. An extensive database, profile verification, and a system for preventing catfishing.

Marrying A Chinese Woman Comes At A Price – Literally

If you're a romantic person in nature, you're likely to say it's impossible to put a price tag on true love. However, they've managed to do it in China. When you want to marry a Chinese woman, you have to pay her family a certain sum that is called the “Bride Price”. Essentially, you need to pay a dowry, but it's never a small, symbolic amount. The average “bride price” paid by the groom is roughly $30,000. 

Worth noting, not every local man can afford to pay so much for his bride. Besides, the potential husband must have a property in his ownership, such as a house or an apartment, before the bride's family even considers him as a candidate for marriage with their daughter. As of late, property prices have skyrocketed in China, which is why getting married is out of the budget of many local men. That's why many Chinese guys marry women from other countries of the Southeast Asian region.

The “Bride Price” custom seems a bit unreasonable at first sight, but it works in your favor. Since most Chinese guys cannot afford such an expense, there is an abundance of hot Chinese singles who are eager to get married, and pressured to do so by their family and societal standards. Western men who can afford the bride price are in great demand among Chinese mail-order brides.


When you're searching for love abroad, finding the perfect life partner is a challenging task, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor. We are fortunate to live in an era of ubiquitous internet communication, which allows you to build a loving relationship with a person that lives on the other side of the world. Thanks to the services provided by Chinese mail-order bride websites, every Western man has the opportunity to find a gorgeous and exotic wife from a faraway country. A Chinese mail-order bride is beautiful and delicate like a China rose. Achieving success in the dating scene of this country requires some planning and investments, but having a stunning Chinese wife by your side is entirely worth the effort. 

How work Mail order brides?
Finding a Bride
Step 1
Choose a reliable mail order website . There are hundreds of them; some are focused on Asian girls, some on Russian. Read reviews about this web-site to be sure that it is not a fake for getting money from you.
The Process
Step 2
Create an account. Write some interesting information about yourself. It will help a bride you would like to chat with to make a first impression about you, so don’t ignore this step and approach this very attentively.
Your choice
Step 3
Learn some information about the country, girl from which one you would like to meet here. This knowledge will help you to be convinced in your choice and feel more confident. Try to view all girls that match your criteria before making.
Step 4
Make a choice and write a girl you like. There are no limits – you can write as many girls as you wish.

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