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German Brides

Meet German women — the most independent and proud ladies

Many people believe in a myth that all men are seeking for a very mild, obedient, even submissive woman to make their life better, to cook for them and bring kids up. It is not true, and it does not work with at least 35% of gentlemen that need a partner, not a servant and a lover two-in-one. For them, it will be perfect to find an independent, strong, but very attractive German mail order bride. Certain German ladies for marriage are not also waiting for rich persons, and if they are seeking for a husband, they really mean it and do not pretend that is in a search for a perfect man, not a perfect life. Thus, they never cheat: if a single German woman applies to an online dating site or a marriage agency, it means that she has taken already a serious decision about her future family and life with a spouse. Certainly, not all of them are strict and strong, independent and practical. In Germany girls for marriage are different, and this review of these females will help you to understand their character and maybe, even “read” their mind when you date in reality.

Meet German women: what are they?

The first thought that comes to the mind of men who meet German women is that they are independent persons. This is instilled in them by parents from childhood and goes through their whole lives. They really value their life and their capabilities, set goals and achieve them themselves, professionally developing.

  1. They are realists. Beautiful, but realistic German girl for marriage will be not waiting for a meeting with the handsome prince who will ensure their life, put them on a pedestal at home and solve all domestic problems. Even relationships where a partner earns much more are OK for her — for a typical German female, there is nothing worse than dependence on a man. A partner in relations for her is not a lifesaver from all troubles and problems, but a person with whom it is really good.
  2. German women are free from unnecessary troubles. Pretty but free German brides don’t choose for hours what to wear and how to put on makeup, don’t pay much money for uncomfortable, but beautiful shoes for a date, and for the sake of a man they don’t show that they like football if that’s not true. German women are free from complexes about their appearance.
  3. Even young German brides do not see the only meaning of life in marriage and motherhood. Mature German women put on what they like, do not try their best to emphasize the waist or chest and put on their coats themselves.
  4. German mail order brides are sure that they will work after marriage. Some of the German brides will agree to sit at home, but it will not last long.
  5. Children and marriage. There are German women that are ready to give birth to kids when they are also young, but this is the exception. They would prefer to make a career first, and then, marry.
  6. German women are pragmatic and rational. Even the most romantic German bride in search for her love and husband will “calculate” first how they will live, and what will change with this marriage.
  7. Those, who meet German girls, understand soon that they value themselves, reach the heights themselves and demand equality and justice, starting from the size of salaries and ending with the amount of the insurance premium. Most German brides associate an expensive gift from a man with a man’s superiority and an attempt to impose obligations on him

National features of German brides

Sometimes, they say that German language, strict and rough a bit, affects the lifestyle and mind of Germans. Probably, it is just a joke, but a typical German mail order wife is a woman seeking for a relationship with a foreign man who is equal. They might not even choose a rich guy not to feel that he is superior. A German woman is the phenomenon of independence, acquiring its features over the years.


Even young German brides are very restrained — according to German traditions, it is not polite to show emotions in the public. They know how to show a surprise to any event without betraying their emotions. They are the best planners.


The fact that the German girls are not attractive is a fiction since about 40 million women are living in Germany and each has an individual appearance, special facial features, and body proportions. It is foolish to believe that nature has deprived all these women with beauty and left them only grayness and mediocrity at their disposal. The women of Germany are mostly very pretty and charming; they have blue or gray eyes and blond hair. However, even those German brides, who are in a search for love and a husband, do not seek to stick out their femininity and attractiveness. They don’t dye, don’t do hairstyles, they dress very simply: a jacket, jeans, sneakers.


In ordinary life, they do not want to look sexy (it’s enough to be clean and neat), but when they go to the theater, restaurant, they follow the dress code. And during the day on weekdays they present themselves modestly and simply, without standing out In Germany, girls either don’t wear makeup at all or choose the most natural shades, so that the skin looks fresh and the look is more expressive. It's enough. German women choose clothes rationally, with an emphasis on convenience rather than fashion trends. Hairstyles are also simpler: the main thing is that the hair is clean and tidy.


German women always add value and dictate their own rules in any situation. They know their rights; they do not depend on public opinion or on the husband’s wallet. In total, in this life, they prefer to pursue independently and courageously fight for equality in everything. In addition, the fact that they are not obsessed with thoughts about children or marriage gives them more freedom of expression: they do not have to hide their opinions or sacrifice their own interests for the sake of the family if they themselves do not want to.


Many people think that Germans are rude, and close people. Naturally, there are different personalities among German women: funny talkers, serious careerists, cute silly babes, etc. However, national traditions and culture of German women make them more restrained than ladies living in other countries, close to Germany, France, for instance. They react to any external stimuli with amazing calmness, and if something provokes a strong surge of emotions, then it certainly will not become public. If you want to make a good impression on German mail order brides, do not ask about personal matters from the very beginning.

Health and sex

Health is an important issue for German women (as men, as well). Among the factors necessary to maintain it, they include environmental protection, the organization, and improvement of medical resorts, the development of the pharmacological industry, good rest, and healthy nutrition. Sex also belongs to the same category of factors necessary for the full functioning of the body. If the British do this out of necessity in order to continue the existence of the greatest people on Earth, the French surround it with some secret and romance, then for the Germans, sex is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, like brushing your teeth in the morning or an evening shower. And the point is not in some kind of increased depravity of Germans, but rather in a certain physiology and simplicity of attitude to this issue. The simplicity of the Germans in matters of sex does not cease to amaze foreigners. The naked body, in general, seems to the German women as the natural state of a human being, which means there is nothing to be ashamed of.

The popularity of German brides

A German bride will prefer to stay single than to find a husband whom she will not respect. Therefore, German wives live only with men, whom they trust, whom they believe and whom they consider to be equal. Foreign gentlemen, who know that these ladies are very picky (there are more males than females in Germany) feel pleased when a charming bride from this country chooses them, and start communication and conversation online.

Besides, they are known as very sexy women, who do not have any taboos in bed. It attracts many men, especially, Americans, tired of their women, taking romance and close relationship as a job. Ladies of Germany are ready for almost all experiments, and even young German brides, in any online conversation will support a dialog about sex, and they will do it naturally, without showing any signs of confusion or shyness.

They are very neat and do not like messes. They prefer to have order everywhere — in their thoughts, homes, work, bag, bookshelves, kitchen…A man who will marry a German bride will find out later that he has chosen the best accurate housewife (although she will be not obsessed with the mission of a housewife herself).

Mentally, German brides are at least 10 years younger than they are, and they do not feel their age. Thus, it happens often, when a foreign gentleman decides to marry a German bride, who is at least 7-15 years older than him. Ladies from this country are not the most charming beauties in the world, but they stay looking young and attractive until they are at least 80.

Why can a German bride become the best wife?

If you are dreaming about a good and warm house, where everything is in order, and your wife is caring about you, you needed to get acquainted with German mail order brides. They usually become the best German wives, and they do not really care too much where you can live. They come from the country with a high level of life, and in their majority, these ladies are real love hunters, not money hunters. Sometimes, German brides agree to a date with men from Australia, and Middle East countries. However, it depends only on the preference of a female.

If you get this woman, she will never cheat you. She will be very honest with you and expect the same for you. When children appear, she will turn to be a very good mother, strict, but mild at the same time. Kids of German women are disciplined and accurate persons. They know how to behave when being among strangers, and they will not feel confused is something extraordinary happens. German moms teach them to be practical, reliable, cautious but strong, and they succeed in it.

If you are in search of German wives, you are on the right way to your cozy house and well-being. A lady from Germany will care about everything: she will be the best cook, she will combine her role of a housewife with a career or some business, and she will be always in time to do all things that are planned.

Which national features attract men in German brides?

Sociologists will unlikely to surprise us with the fact that fidelity and sexual attractiveness are the features most valued in women. The five most important desirable qualities included two classic national German virtues: the ability to save and cleanliness. The wife’s ability to save, it turns out, means more to men than her warmth. Mind and sense of humor are also less in demand. Besides, disinterested devotion to her husband and a willingness to sacrifice her interests is considered less important than a love of order. Perhaps all these things attract foreign men in German brides. Besides, the main feature of each one of these ladies is naturalness. She will be not confused to date a man if she has not tons of cosmetics on her face. German brides know that sooner or later, man will see them without make-up, and they do not want to see his negative reaction. Many men also love when their women do not complain, and German ladies never do it. They do not show that they are in great trouble until they really need help.

Additionally, they do not have a face expression telling you: “I'm looking for a man” — with nothing like that, the face creates the image of a truly relaxed and attractive woman. A German lady has been always creating the image of a modern, business and independent woman, and, as a result, she achieves this result. They do not have age complexes, and the age of the spouse or partner has ceased to confuse men. She will also feel never ashamed to tell a man that she has children but was never married, as for that time (when she was pregnant), marriage was not in her plans.

Wish a stable and good life? Marry a German woman!

So, if you are looking for a woman that will never ask you to give her gifts every day, do not complain that she has a poor life, but will do everything to achieve the best results and goals, choose a German bride - she will become your girlfriend first, and then, when you both understand that you have the same interest, you will marry. German women have no problems with getting visas to most countries, including the USA. They are healthy, sexy, and try to make everything to improve the life quality of all the members of their family.

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