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Nigerian Brides

Life of Nigerian women who decided to become mail-order brides

There are many rumors connected with Nigeria nowadays: “Nigerian scam” has become a phrase known everywhere, especially in the USA, where many guys are really bombarded with letters from many so-called Nigerian brides. However, it will be very odd to consider all of these women scammers. Many real and sincere beautiful females, Nigerian brides are looking for true love and marriage with a man from the USA, and they want to leave their country, where women have to do all the work literally 24/7. If you still do not know much about their lives and want to get more information about Nigerian ladies and reliable dating services of Nigeria, this review is for you.

Nigerian brides: the reasons for seeking foreign men

Nigerian brides as no other women on the Earth have a reason to search husbands abroad. This is the country, where women have an awful life, and you should learn a bit about it to understand why many of these females become Nigerian mail order brides.

  1. Nigeria is a deeply patriarchal country. It is accepted here that the last word belongs to the man, and the woman should be quiet and obedient. Women simply do not have the opportunity to exercise their rights and freedoms. Although the constitution prohibits discrimination, most people still live within established stereotypes. Employers do not want to work with married Nigerian women as according to them, wives cannot work as effectively as men — if a woman gets married, she needs to take care of the family and children, and this will affect her productivity. Moreover, no one wants to pay maternity leave to mothers.
  2. Gender equality is clearly visible in rural areas. 60% of the population working on the land is Nigerian women. However, an unmarried woman, a single mother or a divorced woman, has no right to own a piece of land. This is only one of the reasons why many of these females take a decision to become Nigerian brides.
  3. Another problem is the lack of access to education. 80% of women in Nigeria do not know how to read and write, especially the problem of illiteracy is characteristic of the northern part of the country. Local terrorists today perceive Nigerian women as bargaining chips. Not only sexy Nigerian women but small girls are kidnapped there.
  4. Besides, conflict in the country always bears a huge imprint on the fate of people. Over 55 thousand beautiful Nigerian women became widows, and they are also single girls now seeking a relationship with good men abroad to escape from their poor life and to be treated as equal.
  5. Another issue concerns domestic violence. They have a law prohibiting domestic violence, but in practice, Nigerian ladies remain defenseless: the police simply turn a blind eye to cases of violence, because they regard this as a personal matter of each family. As a result, women who have nowhere to go are forced to stay home and endure violence, which often ends in death.

Nigerian women and children

Many Nigerian women are eager to become brides as soon as possible as they do not understand their life without maternity. However, due to poor medical aid, many Nigerian females die while pregnancy and when giving birth to a child. Besides, people in this country know well that not only pretty Nigerian women are very beautiful, but Nigerian young girls are very cute. Mothers are afraid to lose their daughters as terrorists often kidnap children under 14.

Nigerian brides are horrified to stay in their own country, where buying a girl or boy, older or younger in almost a norm. In the country, special “children's factories” are created massively, where kids are bred as pets. They are attracted for this, including teenage girls, who are raped and forced to carry live goods for sale. Fraudsters do not even disdain to sell desperate couples of foreign children, passing them off as “rapidly grown own” babies. When a single Nigerian woman gives birth to a child, the kid can be taken from her for her “heath” problems, which is not true. Simply this baby is sold after to people, who need kids…cheap kids!

Besides, doctors are alarmed by the fact that Nigerians are massively neglecting condoms, thereby contributing to the spread of the HIV epidemic. Girls and women in Nigeria do not even imagine how they can ask their husband or boyfriend to use a condom and it is a shame for a woman to carry these products with them in the eyes of society. A woman doesn’t even have the right to offer to use a condom. They think that she either accuses the man of sleeping with anyone or admits to walking to the right and to the left. In any case, it will be perceived as an insult. So, Nigerian brides have no choice — they are obliged to give birth to children, and very often, they do not see these babies after.

For the usual American, it can sound like a book of horror, but what is more awful than it is a real-life of Nigerian women.

Family values of Nigerian women

As in all cultures, the family begins with marriage. The family, in this case, plays a very important role for every Nigerian bride. However, single Nigerian brides are aware of polygamy in their country. But what does polygamy mean in an African context? A man can have more than one wife for different reasons. For example: to have a male child who will be the heir, and if he is a king for the continuity of the kingdom. You can also have many children with a single wife, but one must be male. Nigerian parents do not think about the weight of their children because they have a different concept of the family: having more children means joy, security for the future, it is thought that even old age will be more peaceful if there are children and grandchildren who can take care of parents, grandparents ... In short, children are an investment, not necessarily just an economic investment, but also and above all an emotional one. For sure, no one Nigerian bride is “dreaming” about this life, and therefore, she wants to find a foreign husband.

Besides, in Nigerian family the roles are different. The father is responsible for the whole family unit. The Nigerian wife is completely dependent on the husband and the family in which she joined the marriage, her job is to look after the house and raise children. If she is not obeyed, she will report to her husband who will try to talk and take back the children. When the first children are grown they will be the ones to help the mother to raise the little brothers. The eldest son or in any case the first male child will assume the role of head of the family in the case of the death of his parents. In order to do this, the father will always carry it with him, will make him aware of the problems, teach him all the uses and traditions that concern the family and will be the guarantor. In Nigeria, it is in use that he will receive the blessing before his death from his father.

How to meet Your Nigerian bride on the internet?

If you are attracted to Nigerian brides as they are very beautiful and charming, you can meet many really hot Nigerian women online. These sites allow you to meet these females on the web, and later, in reality. Indeed, unlike other platforms, you do not waste your time filtering profiles to fall on a single matte complexion or black. You can focus on the criteria that are really important to a potential partner (beauty, character, personality, etc.).

Moreover, as on all Nigerian brides dating platforms, you can use many special tools. You also have a user profile, where you will be able to highlight your qualities and your assets to attract the other members. Finally, you have access to the profile's stock of the platform. Some platforms even allow you to refine your search by affinity or proximity. That is to say, it is possible to squeeze even more profiles at your disposal to find singles who share your tastes or the same activities as you for example. However, always remember about this “Nigerian scam” that is wide-spread now. Fraudsters can pretend to be pretty Nigerian women, girls of your dreams, but it can turn out later that you used to communicate…with a man! To avoid this situation, always deal with the agencies that are trusted, and work for years. Besides, ask a Nigerian bride to show her face in a camera.

How to attract a Nigerian bride?

There are many ways to learn to attract a Nigerian bride that you managed to find in the agency catalog. .Men can apply these tips to attract any kind of Nigerian women because most of these Nigerian female singles want the same things.

  1. Stay yourself. It may sound a bit of cliché, but it's true. It is no more painful for an African woman than a man who tries to act as if he were black. Do not perpetuate stereotypes, it's boring, and most importantly, insulting. If you want to make her closer, show her that you have class.
  2. Show yourself confident in what you are and what you do. Nigerian brides love men who have great self-confidence — dating them, remember about it. However, do not confuse arrogance with trust. Trust is the knowledge that you are a good person and act accordingly. Do not be too aggressive and do not talk too much about yourself.
  3. Nigerian brides like men who treat them like real ladies. No, gallantry is not dead and opening her car door for her or giving her a hand when she wears too much is very much appreciated among African women. These gestures show that you know how to be a man and that you can take care of a lady.
  4. Always tell your Nigerian bride the truth. It does not mean that you have to open all of your secrets. Simply do not lie to her. Even after marrying a Nigerian woman, stay open with her.
  5. If you are going to visit your Nigerian bride, learn more about the traditions of her country as, without this knowledge, some things can be a shock for you. Remember that you can meet with this bride only outside the USA: fiancée visas are given to those Nigerian brides only, who managed to prove that they used to meet their foreign men in reality (photos, letters, videos, etc.).

Traditions of the country that can surprise men dating Nigerian brides

The inhabitants of Nigeria are trying to save legends about the creation of the world, the first rulers, great warriors, and heroes, about the origin of different peoples. In Nigeria, as in no other African country, to this day there are temples associated with traditional religions. In addition, there is a hierarchy of priesthood and secret religious societies. The modern culture of Nigeria is permeated with folk traditions. This can be seen in the wooden sculptures created by the Yoruba or in masks from Ibibio masters.

Wedding traditions are very odd in Nigeria. A Nigerian bride must gain well — otherwise, she will be returned back to her parents. Before the ceremony, the Nigerian bride must be in a special hut. Before the groom comes to her, according to tradition, he must give tobacco and chicken to the guests. A guy who wants to get married must go to his bride through a living corridor from her relatives. To prove that he is ready to endure all the hardships and difficulties of a future life, the bride's family must strongly beat him with sticks. During the wedding ceremony of the Yoruba people, before the Nigerian bride, hidden under a veil, is taken out, the groom and his friends prostrate themselves in front of the bride's family members.

One of the traditions of Nigeria, which has undoubtedly Muslim roots, is the “feeding” of Nigerian brides. No matter how ambiguous it sounds, but it is for fattening that they give a girl who is close to marriageable age because that is how she gets good chances to marry successfully. Thinness and fragility in western Africa are considered a vice and an indicator of poverty, and therefore parents send young ladies to special “boarding houses”, where they receive enhanced nutrition. The daily routine in such an institution is an almost round-the-clock meal with occasional sleep breaks. The basis of the diet is cereals, camel fat milk, nuts and sweets, and physical activity is completely canceled here. Unwilling to recover, the future bride is punished, but because the process of achieving magnificent forms is very fast. Therefore, if you are among those men, who like plump and hot women, Nigerian brides should be chosen. It might sound very funny for any American or Western man, but it is the truth.

What is on the mind of Nigerian brides?

Nigerian brides have a special (for an American or a European man) mind. They think about the things that seem to be very odd for Western people. For instance, it is not customary to ask about the age of elders, so many do not know the age of dad and mom. Seriously: Nigerian brides do not care about it! Moreover, some of them may not have a passport at all. Thus, if you are seriously interested in a girl from this country, when dating her online, ask if she has a passport, as soon as in many cases, a document on electricity charges is the main paper in Nigeria (you can even open a bank account with it, but you can't without it).

Nigerian brides never think about the temperature outside and find these questions strange. What is the difference at all? We know that in December and January it is necessary to wear a sweater stably in the morning and in the evening, and from August to October — to take an umbrella. Some brides from Nigeria do not even suspect that something can be different overseas. Nigerian brides also do not know their exact height and weight, and as for the distance, they often use the word “far” without using these “useless” kilometers and miles.

Nigerian mom's philosophy is also unusual. Here are the phrases that can be heard from Nigerian brides:

  • Marriage is the worst and the best thing that can happen in the life of a female;
  • Investing in children is the best investment. Money does not mean too much for Nigerian brides;
  • Children will solve all the problems. They are given by God.

Interesting facts about Nigerian women

The journal “New Scientist” published the results of a study conducted every four years, which provides a list of the happiest and most unhappy peoples. According to scientists, the happiest people in the world are the inhabitants of …Nigeria. Study after study demonstrates that the pursuit of material wealth, which grows with increasing average income, is a serious factor in suppressing happiness. As soon as a Nigerian bride is not seeking for wealth, she is seeking only for love and happiness. Curious, that she gets the desired. Thus, dating a Nigerian woman, remember that she feels happy despite all these odd and even sad things that were mentioned above. Isn’t it great to see that your wife is happy? If yes, marry a Nigerian bride.

Make a decision

Thus, after learning some facts about Nigerian brides make a decision if these women are for you or not. In case you are going to get the most caring and loving mother in the world, a woman, who is ready to marry you the day when you show her a wedding ring, choose these brides. These are women happy with maternity, women, who do not even think about such an option as divorce, and females, who are always ready to do everything around the house. Yes, Nigerian brides have some strange habits and a bit odd way of thinking, but as practice shown, they assimilate in Western society well and fast.

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