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Norwegian Brides

The Norwegian bride is the girl who will make you the happiest man in the world!

In nature many things are built on contrasts. Winter and summer are equally good. It is also difficult to judge the beauty of women with different types of appearance. Girls from the East have their charm, as well as "cold" norwegian women have their advantages. Today we talk about girls of norway. We will try to understand why the inhabitants of northern Europe are called the snow queens. Can we call them desirable brides for foreign men? How do they understand an ideal family and what are they interested in?

Norwegian brides - specific features in appearance

Blue eyes and blond hair are a true gift of nature. Millions of women from all over the world dream about this appearance.  But in order to get what they want, they have to spend hours in beauty salons and spend huge amounts of money on cosmetics. The end result does not always justify the effort and money spent. And the Norwegian women nature generously rewarded with such beauty. They possess:

  • Blue, gray or green eyes;
  • Blond hair;
  • Narrow nose;
  • Indistinctly defined lipline;
  • Non-prominent cheekbones;
  • Light skin with a gentle pinkish tinge.

As a rule, Norwegian women are tall and slim. They have no weight problems. They do not like too scorching sun, because under the influence of the sun's rays their skin quickly burns.

We emphasize the taste of the Norwegian brides. Very often they choose clothes of rich blue and black shades. A riot of colors in makeup is not welcome. Norwegian ladies prefer to focus on lips or eyes to get the perfect makeup. Girls do not like to wear shoes with heels, because on the roads of Norway you can only walk in comfortable shoes. They look good, but do not need the services of plastic surgery and do not prefer too expensive clothing brands. These are real cold beauties with sophisticated taste and natural grace.

Why are Norwegian brides good for marriage?

A distinctive feature of all Norwegian women is tolerance towards other people. Locals do not like conflicts, they solve any problems peacefully. Marrying a norwegian woman, you will find a calm and measured life, filled with happiness.

Norwegian brides are not only beautiful, but also smart. They often have a mathematical mindset. They can have a well-paying job and have time to raise a child while their husbands are busy with business. Norwegians work from 10 am to 4 pm, so they have time for everything.

Children are brought up in terms of love and understanding. From early childhood, they instilled a love for the environment, respect for older people, love for sports. In Norway you definitely will not see the baby hysterical on the street or in the supermarket. Schoolchildren often travel with a class and a teacher; they often go hiking. And the main rule for good health is to spend more time outdoors. Children are not accustomed to sitting at home with gadgets in their hands and online games. They know how to ski, dance and have fun.

Meet norwegian singles if you want a happy family and a warm relationship. Girls are not used to constantly changing partners. If you fall in love, then this relationship will be for many years. The girl will not require expensive gifts from you. She needs mutual understanding and support.

The only negative that you can expect in a marriage with a Norwegian woman is the lack of diversity in nutrition. As a rule, Norwegians eat hot food once a day, and at other times they eat sandwiches. You'd be surprised, but even children in kindergartens are fed twice a day with sandwiches. It is not customary to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and cook a variety of dishes. But do not forget about the character of the Norwegian brides. If your feelings are mutual, then the girl will certainly compromise and learn to cook. And maybe you will love the Norwegian habits. Even sandwiches are made from useful and high-quality products, so in the country there are very few people who are overweight. The average life expectancy is about 75 years. At this age most people in Norway look young and feel great. Perhaps one of the reasons is a different attitude towards medicine. Here doctors do not offer their patients dozens of different meds for the slightest cold. Any medicine is bought in a pharmacy strictly by prescription.

If we pay attention to the statistics, we can say that very strong families are created with Norwegian women. There is a very low divorce rate. Families live happily.

How to get acquainted with the Norwegian bride?

If you realize that you have always dreamed of an intelligent and luxurious woman with a cold beauty and calm nature, welcome to the site with a norwegian mail order brides. Here you will see many beautiful girls. The bride's agency offers extremely reliable information, and the search is very convenient to use. Attentively look at photos and study the information in profiles. The heart will tell you the right choice. At first you can chat online, and then you can make an appointment with bride in real life. Now international airlines work well, so you can easily fly to visit a girl or invite her to your hometown.

If you have never been to Norway, then we highly recommend you to visit this country. It seems as if you have fallen into another dimension. Here it is pure, beautiful, and untouched nature can be admired for a very long time. It seems to you that you have fallen into a picturesque forest: pines and beautiful stones are everywhere (one of the reasons why Norwegian women do not wear shoes with heels). Here is an incredibly clean air, so you want to live, create and love here!

First date with a Norwegian bride 

Most likely the first date will be held in a cozy cafe with muffled music. Here you can drink a cup of delicious coffee and chat with a Norwegian bride. In communication she will be very polite and pleasant. She will be happy to tell you about herself, about her ideas of the ideal family. After a leisurely conversation in a cafe, the girl will want to give you a tour of her native city. Do not refuse such an offer, because you can enjoy the beauty and fall in love with a girl even more.

There are a few rules you need to consider when Norwegian women dating is approaching:

  1. Never be late. Indigenous people are very punctual. Being late is disrespectful;
  2. Do not give the girl an odd number of flowers;
  3. Do not give too many compliments and do not behave defiantly. Show yourself as a true gentleman. Be frank and honest. Norwegian women have a very developed intuition. They don't like lies.
  4. Do not be surprised if the girl pays on her own, even for coffee. This is a national tradition, not echoes of feminism. Here it is really accepted that every person pays for herself. Even husbands and wives have a separate budget.

Your next meetings will be held in a cafe or other places. Norwegian women do not invite foreign men to visit their homes immediately. You will have to be in her home if you sincerely like the girl.

Some conclusions about the Norwegian brides 

They are wonderful! They are ideal for creating a family and raising children. They are excellent support for their husbands and they know a lot about raising children. If you are tired of the routine of everyday life, if you don’t like the character of girls from your home country, if you feel lonely, then a norwegian mail order bride can be a real salvation for you.

It is impossible not to fall in love with girls with cold beauty. They look like real queens. And when you will know a lot about this girl, you will realize that you have always dreamed about such a wife. You will be able to forget about the noise of the roads, the pollution of the environment, the self-interest of girls, spoiled children with excess weight. Norway is a country where all these factors are not. Here people live happily like in your best dreams!

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