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Pakistani Brides

Pakistani brides: who are these women?

Not so many foreign agencies have large catalogs of Pakistani brides: you can meet Pakistani girls on registered and reliable dating sites very rarely. The season for it is simple — they need to stay anonymous as if their family learns that their women are looking for marriage abroad, a great scandal if not a tragedy can happen. However, still, men from various countries manage to find there the most beautiful and attractive Pakistani women for marriage: reading a review on the women from this country, their traditions, and their problems, you will understand why these ladies are welcomed overseas and why they are ready to run away from their Motherland.

Pakistani brides — how do they look like?

Pakistani brides and single Pakistani women seeking for a reliable husband from abroad are very pretty and have a special charm. They usually have dark hair and eyes, which is very seductive to men. Regarding clothing, according to their traditions, they show as little skin as possible. Therefore, the arms and legs are usually covered and the garments are not form-fitting, but they fall loosely over the hips.

Islam forbids the woman to appear outspoken in public and to appear as a sex object. A typical garment of many women is the “burka”, which leaves nothing out of the eyes. This is a shoulder-length triangular cloth that covers the hair. Another piece of cloth covers the lower half of the face up to the nose. For example, when eating, it can be removed by the woman without having to take off the entire burka.

In Pakistan, many women do not have a good education, because education and work are mostly available to wealthy ladies in the cities. The rest of the women live far away from this world. In general, women live by strict moral ideas and traditions that do not leave much liberty. Most of them are severely disadvantaged but have become accustomed to this life. Family affairs are largely determined by men so that women bow to decisions and submit to men.

Pretty and smart Pakistani brides choose a husband from a social point of view. Furthermore, the Pakistanis want their man to be loyal because unfortunately, this is not the case with most native men. Very often they take a decision to risk and give the advertisement in foreign marriage agencies: they are seeking for love and respect, which they might not get from their local men.

How do old traditions affect features of Pakistani brides and women?

Women in this country face daily hatred, contempt, humiliation, violence, and abuse. The basis lies in the weakness of a backward economy, which mainly serves to plunder imperialist nations. The low cultural level of society does not derive from the traditions of the Islamic religion, but from an economy incapable of guaranteeing even basic human needs for society. In the wars in the region, especially in Afghanistan since the 1980s, religious sects such as the Taliban were also consciously supported by the West. Today, these form a state in the state that controls large parts of the economy.

The goal of life that is given to a Pakistani single woman is marriage. Often this happens at the age of 5-6 (48% of all marriages are marriages with minors), while the husband is often 40, 50 and even older. The reason for this is that a dowry is payable for women, whereby the woman is a financial burden and not seen as part of the family — the money is given for a woman and the family “sells” her to a husband. Weddings are enforced with brute force: should a woman oppose the marriage, her disfigurement threatens by spraying acid in the face. All women live with the fear of this threat potential. Men and women cannot be friends, according to prevailing morality, nor siblings. According to the traditions of this country, any Pak girl for marriage can be “sold” for a man by her own family.

The ownership of the woman goes so far that in Pakistan every hour a woman is raped, often by group abuse, and the majority of cases never reported, as this would be seen as fouling the family honor and punished. For poor women, access to education is also formally closed. In some areas, for example, only 3% of women can write. During pregnancy, they are often undernourished and get less and worse food than men. 180 of 100,000 women die during birth or pregnancy.

In a country struggling to preserve patriarchal and tribal traditions, Pakistani women may face cruelty and even death if they fall in love with the wrong person. These rules and traditions, which are based on the denial of women's freedom, are gaining ground in Pakistan and are encouraged by hard-working religious leaders. A woman prior to marriage is regarded as the property of the family in which she lives. Then the property passes to the husband’s family, and if she brings dishonor to this family, this could result in her death. In Pakistan, hundreds of women are killed every year, killed by their relatives under the pretext of washing the honor of the family. The concept is deeply rooted in morality. It has nothing to do with religion or Muslim religion.

Therefore, single Pakistani brides are seeking for love and marriage, choosing a reliable online dating agency. They sincerely believe that men from the West (and sometimes, from China) will treat them as equals, do not humiliate them and do not push to give birth to 5 and more children as in their country.

The popularity of Pakistani women

It might seem strange that men from the West want to meet Pakistani girls — women, coming from the county, where everything is different: language, traditions, mentality. This popularity of Pakistani brides can be explained very easily. Guys, who know these girls, are simply aware that they are:

  • Smart;
  • Beautiful;
  • Kind;
  • Sincere;
  • Very patient;
  • Polite and respectful;
  • Passionate.

Pakistani brides can only seem to be very shy at the beginning of a conversation with them. Further, they will start showing to you that they are waiting for a strong man, loving to pamper women.

Girls from this country are ready to marry when they are very young. When in the USA, and many European countries, girls do not even start thinking about marriage until they graduate from the high school and start working, or until they make a career and earn enough money to spend it for the future family, women from Pakistan do not like to make these plans. They are sure: females are born to become wives and mothers. Many men from overseas love their point of view and, therefore, they make this choice.

Girl from this country love gold and jewelry, but they never insist on giving them really expensive gifts as some European women do.

Besides, children that are born in mixed marriages are very cute. They get only the best features from both parents: still scientists cannot explain this phenomenon, but statistically, over 80% of children from mixed marriages become successful people.

Why do Pakistani brides become the best wives?

Considering everything that was mentioned above, it becomes clear that those Pakistani brides who start their search of a relationship with a foreigner, are initially ready to become the best ever wives.

Some of them take great risk to apply to marriage agencies and placing their portfolios on the Internet. They are aware of the possible cruel punishment: in a case when somebody of their relatives meets this information online, big problems are waiting for a woman, who decided to break the rules.

Therefore, these ladies are not as picky as women from other countries. They are very sincere. Believing that a man, who married her, is her dearest person, such a woman will do everything to please him. Even if she decides to work, she will always find enough time to spend it with her spouse, children, and the friends of the family. Cooking well, these women never have “empty frigs” at home. They always have something tasty to offer their family and guests.

People, coming to a house, where a family of a Western man and Paki woman lives, even envy them — everything is clean and cozy, and the wife wears nice clothes; she is neat and polite.

Culture of Pakistan making Paki marriage so attractive

Pakistani brides are devoted to their families. Dating a Pakistani woman, you will see a lot of peculiarities coming from her culture and traditions. First of all, she would very shy when other people see her. Being alone with her man, a future wife will be more opened. After a Paki marriage, she becomes a passionate lover and a caring woman giving all her love to her husband. These ladies know how to meet guests and treat them. If you live with a woman from Pakistan, she will be very attentive to each guest, and she will respect all people coming to your house. The ability to meet and receive a guest, even if your own home does not sparkle with prosperity, is valued here as an art and as an important social factor in Pakistan. An important place in local etiquette is respect for elders. The oldest of men are consulted on every serious issue affecting family interests, and his opinion is taken into account. Older people there often live with their children and enjoy unquestioned authority, both men and women. All important events in the life of the family are necessarily marked by the whole family, often with all relatives and friends, and the elders determine the correspondence of festive etiquette to traditions, which is very important. Children are considered gifts of God.

If looking through the profiles of charming Pakistani brides, you find a girlfriend form this country, you can be sure that in case, you marry, you will be blessed with the best housewife, intelligent and mild woman, caring mother and simply a person, who will always respect your parents and siblings.

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