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Portuguese Brides

Portuguese Brides: General Aspects

The Portuguese belong to the Caucasian type. Both men and women are quite attractive, with a bright appearance. They have subtle facial features, large eyes, an oval face. Most have olive skin, brown eyes. The girls have thick black hair, which they wear loose. Representatives of this people have a good physique. Girls can boast of magnificent forms, and men - dense, stocky figures. The Portuguese are not tall. This does not detract from the beauty of the girls, and the male representatives are still quite interesting due to the innate charisma. If you meet a Portuguese female when she is not yet twenty, you will most likely be pleasantly surprised by her unwillingness to actively use cosmetics, unlike peers of other nationalities. Against the background of her painted, in military coloring, for example, Russian women, she will be favorably distinguished by unbuckled eyebrows and a natural blush. However, already in forty years this contrast will be simply striking: Portuguese women will look so young, natural and fresh, that you won’t believe how old they are until you look at your passport!

It will be all the more surprising for you when you learn that the key to their eternal youth is healthy conservatism. Indeed, Portuguese brides are so sure that tomorrow they will be no worse than today (and this applies to appearance) that they are even able to convince their biological clock! However, the confidence of Portuguese women knows how to work and not such miracles. The fact is that if the weapon of an ordinary woman is weakness, then the weapon of a Portuguese girl is her huge internal strength. You will admire how persistently she knows how to overcome obstacles and achieve her tasks, and at the same time she may seem charming and sweet in appearance.

Portuguese Mail Order Brides: Some Facts which One Should be Prepared for

Patient and hard-working, Portuguese women can remain a mystery to others throughout their lives. They are extremely closed and carry plans within themselves, while demonstrating visual lack of initiative, which is no more than a visible effect. In fact, he is a hardworking person who prefers real, material wealth to his dreams. Portuguese brides are prone to depressive moods, and traditional ways to overcome them do not work, requiring completely different motivations. They usually are the opportunity to take the next step towards improving life or the risks that arise in relation to already achieved results. Despite their sensitivity, Portuguese women are especially cautious in their relationships, not forgetting the material component of the issue. In the early years, it is possible that the Portuguese woman will fall in love with unconsciousness, and she will be married very early, which is also due to the early development of the need for sexual satisfaction. At the same time, in the future, a tendency to rationality takes precedence over emotional desires that impede the movement to achieve material success.

Given the natural secrecy and restraint in the manifestation of emotions, it is very difficult for men to understand which side to approach the Portuguese women. This is often no more than a mask. Nevertheless, they can be won only if there is a significant margin of patience and tact in behavior. At first, Portuguese brides were an impregnable stronghold, which, under the tides of love and affection, like water sharpening a stone, gradually becomes softer, and is imbued with reciprocal feelings for a person. She wants to see in the satellite, first of all, sensitivity, attentiveness, coincidence of interests. At the same time, Portugal women will not tolerate restrictions on their own freedom, even by force to limit them in certain things is practically useless. The man, in their opinion, is first and foremost a reliable assistant, able to always come to the aid in difficult times, to shield his shoulder from danger. Seeking by nature, Portuguese brides will not accept a man who is not able to rationally manage money, even if all the expenses are made on them. Of course, everyone loves expensive gifts, but for Portuguese ladies, not only their value is important, but also their value. If a man manages to win over a beautiful Portuguese girl, he will witness the transformation of cold and detachment into true sincerity and passion.

Portuguese Mail Order Brides are in Great Demand Among European Men

The Portuguese girl is refined, attractive, her beauty over the years is gaining more expressiveness in any field.

  • She tries to achieve independence and independence. The main life goals of Portuguese women are associated with a successful career, since it is precisely good promotion in the professional plan, according to these persons, that can become a solid foundation for life;
  • Portuguese women always achieve their goals. But for achievement, usually choose unusual, new, previously unexplored ways;
  • They are very hardworking and diligent, often trying to surpass themselves, and this interferes with the standard workflow. The girl tries to constantly improve her level of knowledge, attends courses to improve professional skills, trainings, selects non-standard approaches to solving everyday and everyday issues;
  • Women of Portugal perceive criticism poorly, but, nevertheless, analyze the information received and are motivated by it. Thanks to criticism, they always move forward, do not give up their hands, are not afraid of difficulties.

The character of Portuguese women comes down to the formation of many complexes as early as childhood, all their life they have been struggling with their imperfections. If they manage to overcome them, they gain femininity and great appeal. Portuguese women under any circumstances are most concerned only with personal achievements. It is important for them to occupy a certain position in society, to gain respect and recognition. Moreover, the Portuguese woman used to rely only on their own strength.

Such women do not have too many friends, but they value the formed environment very much. Each person in it was carefully selected, tested, proved loyalty and devotion. Therefore, surrounded by her loved ones, the Portuguese girl turns into a cheerful, lively, sociable person. But due to the fact that she does not like jokes in her direction, she seems too proud or arrogant. This person is not one of those people who will conceal something, underestimate or hint. In communication, she prefers to spread everything directly and openly. If she suspects one of the people in hypocrisy or a double game, she will immediately erase him from her life. Sometimes a Portuguese woman experiences periods of longing and sadness in her life. She begins to be upset due to unfulfilled plans and dreams, she is concerned about the transience of time and the likelihood of a sudden death. To avoid depression, depression, she needs to communicate more with cheerful and optimistic people, devote all her free time to outdoor activities.

Portuguese Women are Born to be Good for Marriage

Despite all their love of material values, Portuguese women need a family. They just want to be happy. Most often, this woman pays attention to self-sufficient, respectable and men who have reached certain heights in society. But the main thing that Portuguese brides are looking for in their man is the ability to share their views and choices so that he does not oppose their development and career growth. Such women want all households to constantly develop and be successful, each in their own direction. Being married, you will not see vivid emotions from a pretty Portuguese wife, she is constantly calm and cold. She used to lead a hidden lifestyle and be withdrawn in herself. At the same time, pessimism is characteristic of a woman. She can come up with a problem that in fact does not exist. The Portuguese wives go for a divorce for a very long time and make a decision, having considered and considered everything, and you need to find a thousand reasons for this to happen. But if the decision is made, then it is very difficult to convince her. Portuguese singles are not divorced for a long time, for them this is unacceptable. They immediately search for a new life partner that will meet their high requirements. Thus, Portuguese women are materialists to the core. Feelings never get the better of their minds. Early marriage can last a long time, but only if the chosen husband will meet her standards and move with her toward the intended goal.

It is also worth noting that for the sake of a profitable party, Portuguese women are ready to abandon even their lover. Each step is thought out. And family happiness without career growth is impossible for them. Therefore, it is very important that their man understands this. Portuguese women are always self-improving, learning new information and trying to develop. And she wants the same from her husband and child. With a man who will lie on the couch for hours, she simply will not be able to live. Often family quarrels are based on the outward coldness of a Portuguese wife. It may seem to her husband that feelings have faded, but this is not so. But most importantly, she cannot be alone. She is immediately covered with complete despondency.

The house of such a mistress is always clean, every member of the family is fed, food is always stored for the future, and even the cat is washed and combed. In parenting, she is most often strict. He is trying to give his child a classic upbringing, to make him a successful person, always disciplined. Carefully monitors the health of their offspring. Often emotionally can not establish communication with the child. Therefore, she needs to play more with her children and communicate with them. Sometimes Portuguese women are too disciplined to raise their child. Their kids always have a daily routine, a bunch of tasks and necessary duties, as it seems to their mother. She wants to raise the same workaholic as she herself. Children may lack intimacy, affection, emotional development.

Cultural Peculiarities Concerning Portuguese Mail Order Brides

Any Portuguese woman seeks marriage and family life using Portuguese dating platforms as well, but by happiness she understands somewhat different values. Therefore, the choice is mainly made in favor of successful men who have financial stability and a certain position in society, which at the same time will always support its ambitions. That is why modern Portuguese brides are increasingly turning to international dating sites and marriage services in search of successful European men. Single Europeans, in turn, are also interested in the catalog of Portuguese mail order brides.

For a Portuguese woman, the main thing is that each member of the family turns out to be successful and in demand in life. At the same time, secrecy and a lack of inclination to show feelings in some cases become the cause of conflict situations and misunderstanding with the spouse. Divorce for Portuguese women is almost a tragedy, while finding herself in a new status, a woman will always look for the opportunity to remarry. The propensity for traditional methods of education and the desire to instill in the child discipline and hard work are the main ambassadors of Portuguese women throughout motherhood. The basis of education is not only rigor, but also a commitment to family values, formed from generation to generation. Children, in turn, are constantly deprived of emotional warmth and liveliness of relationship, which limits them emotionally.

A Portuguese bride can only play a trick on the joke - and only at those moments when she is very tired of being serious. And in most cases, this is a very cold-blooded lady who simply from the principle will not bend under external pressure. Which, however, does not prevent her from making concessions if the business really benefits from this. And the thing is that this lady almost always comes not from ideological considerations, but specifically from current interests. What is useful is right - that is her motto. That's why she rarely hesitates in making decisions and tries not to pay attention to disagreements with others. And it must be said that time often proves it is right. Portuguese brides are sweet with old, good values, as well as everything related to classical ideas about life. Knight and princess, gentleman and lady, family and children, home and work. Interestingly, the Portuguese do not go to extremes, because they know how to allocate resources. And precisely because of this, they skillfully combine the old and the new.

Portugal - Unique Culture and People

If you review the mentality of this people, you will find out that the Portuguese are very hospitable. They are glad to any person who looked to visit them. The hostess prepares a variety of dishes for the arrival of guests; sandwiches in haste will not be served on the table. These people have a cheerful, friendly disposition. They joke a lot, smile. Another distinguishing feature of the Portuguese is the lack of rush. A carefree attitude to problems is accepted by many Europeans as optional. In fact, they just do not get hung up on trifles. Before starting any business, the Portuguese will first think things over well. Men can be gallant, flirt with strangers. However, giving flowers, gifts is not accepted. Even in the capital there are almost no flower shops. After a few compliments, a man can move on to decisive action. They switch to friendly manner rather quickly, and if the interlocutor shows reciprocal feelings, they begin to actively converge. Foreigners should not see more than just flirting in such behavior. You need to communicate with the Portuguese at ease and easily, having fun.

The Portuguese are not accepted to show wealth. They live in small houses, furnished only with necessary things. There are no luxury villas, as in America. The population is concentrated in villages, small towns. The inhabitants of Portugal are very devoted to the family. Parents have 3-4 children, whom they love and pamper. Marriages are made mainly among locals. Portuguese women rarely marry foreign men, so you’ll have to work hard to conquer this girl. An interesting feature is that the head in the family is often a woman. A man is not henpecked, but it is the wife who makes the decisions. Relations between the sexes are often quite violently expressed. Family scenes are frequent, witnesses of which are surrounding people. Portuguese women are jealous, like most ladies of southern nationalities. Portuguese men smoke a lot. However, in public places this is prohibited, you can get a high fine. The attitude to light drugs in the country is loyal. This product is often offered directly on the street. In large cities there are many nightlife venues. The population loves entertainment, having fun. Foreign men need to remember that the Portuguese wife will bring many of the traditions of her people to her new family! So, feel free to contact the help of Portuguese dating sites and marriage agencies online, where qualified professionals will help you find your destiny from Portugal.

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