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Romanian Brides

It is curious that today there is a tendency to reduce the age of potential suitors, and to meet the questionnaire of a 25-year-old candidate in the agency is not uncommon. The world is accelerating every day, and today young people who knew 3 foreigners joined the ranks of businessmen, mastered higher mathematics by 10, and knew the basics of business at 14. Today they start to make careers quickly, and they open their business early. So often a young man simply does not have time to search for a bride, either in the club or on the Internet. Young men turn to a marriage agency in order to save them time by narrowing the circle of choice for a potential bride.

However, for the most part, men still turn to Romanian dating site after 40. Some of them were not married because they were building a career and raising a business. And now that all areas of their lives are in order, they are ready for a serious relationship. Successful 40-45-year-old men, as a rule, also cannot afford to waste energy and time on independent searches for a bride: a marriage agency becomes for them a kind of filter that eliminates inappropriate acquaintances and leaves only those with whom relations are potentially possible. Such men are usually responsible, confident, financially secure and have an attractive appearance. They are looking for a suitable couple for themselves: a woman 10-15 years younger than herself, ready to give birth, educated, well-groomed and attractive.

The statement that Western men dream of Romanian brides roams from newspaper to newspaper, from site to site. Let's see how it really is. In the last couple of years, an increasing number of European men from wealthy countries have been marrying women from Romania. Do not need a visa neither a man nor a woman to travel for the sake of dating. Romanian women more often speak English, French or German quite well. And the mentality is closer. All Romanian brides are very beautiful. And not everyone needs beauties, just caring wives are needed. With a good heart.

It must be said that successful and intelligent foreigners, with serious intentions, often underline in their questionnaires that they are looking for "an educated, accomplished in life, aimed at a family, a woman". They are ready to take care of her child, if he has one.

Can a Romanian mail order bride become a worthy partner in life?

Do not trust all the Romanian mail order brides in a row, even if the list of candidates was provided to you by the marriage agency. Of course, all mail order brides are tested and fill in profiles before they get the membership in the particular dating service. However, you should self-check your favorite bride. Contact the appropriate service so that they check the mail order bride for:

  • the presence of mental illness, various addictions, etc .;
  • availability of debt, loans;
  • the presence of a criminal past;
  • jobs lately;
  • the presence of criminal ties;
  • passport details;
  • facts of this biography;
  • information about her past marriages;
  • and other questions at the request of the client.

Also ask her about her family, parents, relatives, friends. Learn about her hobby. Ask if her documents are in order, can she arrive to the territory of your state in a legitimate way.

Why Romanian brides are considered to be the best choice?

So what does distinguish the Romanian women from Western? There women grow up internally independent. They are not accustomed to thinking about the need to adjust to someone to the detriment of their health or their convictions. They clearly know their rights and are able to defend them. Therefore, many men, they seem to be "tough and a little charming." Women in the West are also well able to manage the household, care for children and husband. But they themselves do not forget. They are well aware of their value. And do not give to sit "on his neck" the whole family. Most Western men are not looking for housekeepers, as opponents of marriages with foreigners like to say. On the contrary, they are attracted to Romanian smart, sexy women with a good education. A clever man understands that a clever Romanian bride will easily learn foreign language. And it will not be boring with her, as a good education, a certain level of culture will give him the opportunity to go home after work with joy. There he will have to wait a beautiful and intelligent wife. Romanian women dress attractively and sexually. It attracts men's views. It is pleasant to have a wife who is attractive, charming and at the same time faithful and caring. Many familiar foreigners note that Romanian brides are irreplaceable in difficult situations. As long as a Western man thinks about how to get out of the problem he got into, his “Romanian wife” will immediately offer a way out. Not always this output will be legal. And a western, law-abiding man, will reject him. But he knows that his Romanian wife is always with him in a difficult situation. And it causes admiration from his friends who do not have such wives. Romanian women, growing up in not simple residential conditions, and generally domestic, are able to find a way out of any situation. They are hardened by difficulties. And Western - grow in greenhouse conditions. Western and Romanian women behave differently in family conflicts. Romanian brides are more likely to compromise, and Western ladies act on the basis of their understanding of the situation.

For any person it is very important to see life as it is. And do not make problems of universal tragedy. One of the important factors that attract Western men in Romanian women are family oriented. Most women in the West are in no hurry to get married and have children. They want to learn, work, travel, and the creation of a family is left for later. Although the family is the most important priority in their society. But there is no such desire to immediately marry the first comer, and then everyone will be called "the old maid or loser." Of course, in the Romanian society a generation of women has already grown up, who want to have a full-fledged family, but only after they become the mistresses of their own destiny.

Romanian brides: is it easy to conquer them?

Many men make a mistake, trying as quickly as possible to get a girl. But this does not work with Romanian girls. Do not rush to conquer her during Romanian dating, and go slowly. When a man hurries and fusses, it seems that he is a needy or anxious guy. Experienced hunters do not hurry, but slowly sneak up on their prey.

What is the difference between a friend and a guy? The presence of sexual tension between you, otherwise welcome to the friendzone. Let the chemical reaction begin to seethe between you. Feel free to tease, hook, flirt and flirt. More often touch the girl for any reason. Romanian girls love to have high tension between you, and you play on the verge of emotions and sexual attraction.

No need to give a lot of choice to the future bride. Romanian girls are indecisive and often do not know what they want. Decide for yourself where you will go, what you will do and what you will do during Romanian dating. Do not follow the girl, but lead her after you. Take responsibility for your life, and let her relax and feel like a real woman.

The most important features of Romanian brides

Hundreds of thousands of Romanian brides have long been living abroad. They are constantly being taken away. Foreigners are dreaming about  dating a Romanian woman, they know: Romanians are the best wives. Why?

  1. Beauty. Romanian brides are beautiful - this is understandable, this is already known to the whole world. But Romanian women pay so much attention to their appearance that no one can compare with them. A Romanian woman, even in a shop near the house will not work without a manicure, so it is arranged. And in fact, foreign men like it terribly. They are tired of their women, who do nothing but shout about freedom and independence. That they do not owe anything to anyone and want to look "natural." And it's better not to shave your armpits. Men have seen enough of this "naturalness", many are already sick. Romanian brides - they are bright, they are feminine, they are damn alluring. Especially against these foolish aunts. Scarlet lipstick and crafty eyes - their main weapon. Here foreigners lose their heads. Like one Italian married to a Romanian: “Listen, you can just walk down the street and go crazy. Around one beautiful women!";
  2. Dresses. Why do foreigners always immediately allocate Romanian women abroad? Because they are dressed as if they are going to the main celebration of their life. Although it is possible, they are just in a cafe around the corner. It is always an interesting sight - be it Germany, Australia or even France: Romanian women can be seen from afar, they stand out sharply in a dull mass. Even if it is wearing jeans, then it is wrapped around it so that everyone turns around. If the bag - it glitters so that overshadows the windows. If heels - then they lift up to the sky. And nearby, all kinds of French women rustle like worthless mice. By the way, it has long been a myth about "French elegance." There is no her, there are boring dressed aunt in sneakers, which is not interesting to watch. It is clear that the Romanian brides here win with a crushing score. Any normal man wants to be next to a woman who turned around. Spectacular woman. To friends envied and winked: "Wow, lucky you!";
  3. Economic. Girls from Romania have time for everything: for a manicure, to the store, and even decorate the apartment. Well and bake pies. The home for a Romanian woman is her main fortress. Foreigners are usually surprised: why Romanians are personally eager to choose tiles in the bath, wallpaper, wardrobe? After all, there are designers, let them do it. Not! Romanian women cannot do this, they alone. And the kitchen - oh, how picky they are about the kitchen. One Englishman told how he brought the Romanian bride to his home. “She immediately rushed into the kitchen! I do not understand what's interesting there? I have a big house, I have a terrace ... And she is in the kitchen. ” However, he later appreciated. Romanian women can create such comfort that foreigners are surprised: wow, you can not order a pizza! And when they see how she washes the dishes - with her hands! - they understand what a miracle has come to them from a foreign country;
  4. Plasticity. This is a special feature, unique. The fact is that Romanian singles can adapt to any situation. If she is next to the person she loves. One woman went with her husband to Israel, being completely Romanian. She was very hard at first, she almost did not know the language, she was not interested in all the politics that her noisy friends were discussing. But the main problem was different: the husband could not find work, he was an artist. Therefore, he chose to sit at home, receive a modest allowance and say that no one understands him. And what about the Romanian wife? She went to study and became a great doctor. This is in Israel, where doctors are almost the most stringent requirements in the world. Interestingly, the husband still lies on the couch, and she works. But the story is more fun. Another Romanian girl married an aristocrat from an old German family. They even have their own castle. She herself grew up in a small town. Of course, the relatives of the aristocrat were not very pleased, to say the least. But a year later, this girl sparkled at the magnificent home receptions and easily talked about the poetry of the troubadours, painting Bruegel, and why furniture from Lebanese cedar seems to her better than mahogany. And no one could have found out in this lady with a diamond earrings a girl who, seven years before, had been working as a waitress in a cafe;
  5. No feminism. Romanian women do not scream about their rights, do not arrange women's demonstrations, they generally laugh at these Western things. They have too many worries to engage in nonsense. They are faithful wives, they are beautiful wives, they are the best wives. They live only family and lovely troubles, this is enough for them. No rallies: "In the family we are equal, do not dare to demand anything from me!" And men stunned by hysterical feminism are just happy next to them: “Hey, there are still real women in the world!”.

Why are Romanians so popular among European level grooms?

Foreigners are attracted by femininity. Women in the west are more like race horses, they are constantly running somewhere, building their careers and a man, as such, they basically do not need. But every man wants to come home and that a loving wife, a delicious dinner on the table would wait for him. And the Romanian women are different, they still believe in the old family hearth, and this is what draws foreign men to become the pillar and protection of Romanian women. That is why they are increasingly turning to the services of Romanian girls dating agencies.

Romanian brides are the best ones for marriage

Romanian brides more than anyone else cope with the duties of the wife:

  1. It is necessary to cook a lot, tasty and most importantly, to BE ABLE, because they still say that men only want one from their mistress, and the first, second and compote from the wife. And, of course, breakfast and dinner are attached, and at the same time festive, banquet dishes and pastries - men often come in sweets;
  2. To iron shirts and arrows on trousers. Ironing goes faster in front of the TV, even if you are watching something especially stupid. Iron better and socks! At a minimum, some microbes are killed if not all;
  3. To wash the floors at least once a week - you should not be very zealous, you still won't notice, and the dust settles instantly;
  4. Clean towels, bedding, new toothbrush - all ideally;
  5. To fall in love with football, Formula 1, hockey, etc., to get to know all the participants, who takes the place and who won in such a final of the hockey championship five years ago;
  6. To call his mother and ask about how to prepare his favorite dish - what oil to take, how many spoons of sugar to add, and indeed different subtleties: it will be pleasant to mom, and you don’t mind it, and you should be a good bride;
  7. Adopt and fall in love with her husband's hobbies, maybe even penetrate, and allocate money for it without hiding (as they say, it’s better to spend it on cars than on mistresses);
  8. To listen, but to be silent, to do quietly in his own way, to take the initiative in other places;
  9. To top it all, in any family, perhaps the most important component is the children for whom this family was created. Give birth to children! A career will wait - children will grow up, and you will return to it, and if you do not return - in old age you will not be remembered by the heads of companies and organizations, but, first of all, they are your KIDS;
  10. Well, the main thing, of course - to love. Love will overcome everything - problems, failures, illnesses and sorrows.

So, to meet Romanian women - is a real luck!


Recently it has become incredibly easy to find Romanian brides for marriage, regardless of the person's age. Teens and even older people are able to start a new relationship by contacting a Romanian online dating resource. The presence of Skype, e-mail, special forums and social networks makes it easier to find new friends, including for building relationships. There are several factors due to which acquaintance through marriage agencies became so widespread:

  • Freedom of self-selection of a partner for a relationship. People online have fewer ways to impose themselves, forcing communication. On social networks, on dating sites and other resources there are many potential candidates who can be sorted by age, interests and other characteristics. You can meet interesting people in specialized forums on interests;
  • Shy people communicate much easier. The agency can get acquainted with the information about the person in detail and view his photos without causing embarrassment on both sides. Doing it in a comfortable home environment is much nicer than in a public place when you first meet.

It is easier to control communication. Unlike talking to one another, before writing the next message, you can calmly think it over in order to accurately express your thoughts and not regret what was said.

How work Mail order brides?
Finding a Bride
Step 1
Choose a reliable mail order website . There are hundreds of them; some are focused on Asian girls, some on Russian. Read reviews about this web-site to be sure that it is not a fake for getting money from you.
The Process
Step 2
Create an account. Write some interesting information about yourself. It will help a bride you would like to chat with to make a first impression about you, so don’t ignore this step and approach this very attentively.
Your choice
Step 3
Learn some information about the country, girl from which one you would like to meet here. This knowledge will help you to be convinced in your choice and feel more confident. Try to view all girls that match your criteria before making.
Step 4
Make a choice and write a girl you like. There are no limits – you can write as many girls as you wish.

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