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Russian Brides

Mail-Order Bride Sites: How This Works and How to Use

All legal marriage offices earn in two ways. The first one is weekend dating tours: usually, these are branches of international agencies. It looks like this: a man pays from $3,500 for a trip, including different cities. The price of Russian mail order brides includes flight, accommodation, and participation in dating parties (the grooms pay for the buffet separately). On large paid resources grooms are pickier and wealthier, and therefore their demands are high. After all, for example, an American voyage to Russia can cost $10,000.

The second way is to place profiles of Russian women and girls on international marriage sites, where men from 20 to 80 years old from all over the world are looking for family happiness. International dating sites even practice selling subscriptions for men worth 50-60 euros per month.

Among them are serious “offices” that have been on the market for 10–20 years. They value their reputation and strictly filter potential thrown. Hundreds of letters are sent to men from all over the world daily. These letters are compiled by specially trained translators, and each unit of translators is supervised by a special site manager. Chatting is conducted by the agency. A foreigner pays 50-60 euros to meet Russian women chosen on the profile.

The age requirement on legitimate Russian dating sites is from 18 to 45 years. As an exception, they can take the profile ladies 50+, if the Russian bride looks good in the photo. All the photos on the marriage sites are studio photos, and very often you can find Russian singles on heels and even in swimsuits.

Therefore, the majority of international marriage sites when placing a profile require documents (scan of an ID), confirming the Russian girl’s identity and proof that she is not married. They may even call or have a Skype interview. So, Russian mail order wives are real and verified.

What Makes Russian Wives Number One for Foreigners?

Russian female, as an element of the world, time and space. A Russian bride is the main element of any space and time in which she is located. Whether it is her home, workplace, a trip to the tram or a walk down the street.

A good Russian bride always creates a festive atmosphere for her husband. How? Arsenal is the richest: from a smile to a set dinner table.

The main thing is to understand that a holiday for a man is associated with ease of mood, satiety, purity, and with a feeling of the problem-free life.

Russian bride and her self-sufficiency. Russian bride should not be perceived by a man as a burden, that you have to carry on your whole life.

Yes, of course, the husband must take care of his wife. But, he should take it with joy and with pride - I can and want to do it.

Good Russian bride spiritually close to her man. The quality of a good wife is the ability to find and maintain spiritual closeness with her husband.

What it is? That is when a man, even after having quarreled with his wife, does not begin to look at her as a stranger and think so about her.

And when she, under any circumstances, remains the closest and dearest person.

Good Russian bride is educated and cultural. The good qualities of a woman and an excellent wife imply that she has not only beauty. But also, she is educated. Russian bride is spiritually developed, cultured person.

In other words, her interests extend beyond the interests of the average woman: the kitchen, the children, the husband — family and work.

Good Russian bride is the well-groomed person The good qualities of a woman suggest her love for herself. She cares for her body, monitors the health and cares about her spiritual development and peace of mind.

Russian bride is a personality. That includes the ability to be not just a good wife or a good person, but to be a personality.

Moreover, the personality of a woman who lives not only in order to have a normal family, give birth and raise children and have a husband in her life.

And the life of a Russian bride is the highest value for her, and everything else revolves around her and exists because of her.

What Criteria Do We use to Review Russian Bride Websites?

We are a team of like-minded people who want to help people find friends or personal happiness on the Internet. Every day, thousands of people register and meet on dating sites. Now there is no prejudice to this method of dating, but when communicating online there are still many problems:

  • Many dating sites cheat their visitors, provide incorrect information and try to extract as much money as possible from them;
  • Visitors of dating sites are trying to present themselves not as those who they really are, to deceive users and derive financially or some other benefit from this.

After studying these problems, we created this project to inform you about the dangers that can be expected on dating sites. Our extensive experience in studying such resources helps to give you valuable advice on how to find a Russian girlfriend on the site, who have come here not just to spend time, but to build a serious relationship.

So that you can quickly navigate on our website, we have created the following sections:


This section presents the best dating sites, reviews of which we received directly from real visitors of dating platforms. Before, to determine the site ranking, we evaluate it by the following criteria:

  • The convenience of the site;
  • Number of users;
  • Level of rudeness;
  • The presence of bots;
  • Services for dating;
  • Level of technical support.

We check new sites and test their functionality. Then on the pages of our site, we describe all the basic functions, paid and free, the advantages and disadvantages and give tips on working effectively with them.


This is the main parameter of site evaluation because it is the opinion of living people who have already been there and received or did not get the result. Of course, a review is a subjective criterion, but it gives good food for thought for those who decide to date on the Internet. We have collected for you reliable reviews of dating sites conveniently broke them into "bad" and "good." We hope that you take the time and leave your feedback - make your contribution to the common endeavor.


It is here that we collect the most valuable tips on how to find Russian wife on a dating site you are looking for and not run into scammers. We will tell you how to effectively get acquainted and communicate with the Russian ladies on the Internet.


This section contains real successful dating stories on Russian dating site. We are waiting for stories from you and will definitely add them to our section.


In order to cheer you up in this section, we post funny pictures, videos and stories about online dating.

List of grifters

We have created a service that collects a list of scammers on dating sites in one place. If you are deceived and pulled money, write your story.


We are happy to answer your questions on dating sites and help solve any existing problems.


We test new dating sites every day and write detailed instructions on how to use their functionality.

Crucial Tips on How to Find A Wife There?

How to meet a girl on a dating site? What to write? What to ask? And is it possible to find a soulmate?

What should be considered when studying the accounts of hot Russian brides for marriage and in the process of chatting with them?

Photo. If all pictures are made exclusively by professionals, it is not a fact that there is not a ton of makeup on your bride.

You need to start communicating on the site after an objective assessment of the naturalness of the photo, and not the beauty of the exposed legs. You are looking for a Russian wife, not a girl from the escort service. If the last statement is incorrect, simply skip this clause or interpret it exactly the opposite.

Date of the profile. If a girl claims to be on the site recently, you can check her honesty, simply by looking at the date you created the profile and reviewing the comments on the photo.

How to start communication? You need to meet Russian teen girls on dating sites with a cool head, carefully analyzing all the incoming information. That is the only way you can choose the one, protecting yourself from scam artists and outright hookers.

Examination of The Profile

Before you simply take and chat with the bride you like, it is important to stock up on the maximum information about her hobbies. And her profile can help with this. If the profile of the girl shows your favorite music band, film or book, the chances of success increase significantly. After all, you have a real reason to chat with her without using all the hackneyed phrases.


If you do not know what to write a girl on a dating site, start with a compliment. Not vulgar, but correct, truthful and concise. Experienced seducers advise not to praise the girl for her beauty. She didn’t make a single effort to do this. But the sporty figure, skillful make-up and tasteful clothes deserve attention. Just refrain from pompous phrases and literary delights. Write simply and to the point, but without slipping into banality.

Analysis of Photos

Carefully look at all the photos that the girl posted in her profile. As a rule, the Russian brides is proud of any trip and always uploads pictures of these journeys. Found something like that? Then before you no longer be asked what to write a girl on a dating site. Of course, ask about the trip! And the emotions she experienced. But if nothing like among the pictures of the Russian bride was not found, do not lose hope. Look at her photo again. You may see her walking with his beloved dog, with the equipment of a climber, or even with a fishing rod in her hands. Then you can safely start a conversation about lovely animals, hobbies for mountaineering or fishing.


Ironic and provocative phrases always catch on and make them respond to the writer. However, such statements in no case should not offend a person. Otherwise, you will have to forget about any communication. You need to have a subtle sense of mind and act very carefully. After all, the fact that for one Russian bride is the norm may be unacceptable for another.

Subjects for Communication

Let's say the first acquaintance was positive. You continue to communicate with the bride, but you have no idea what to talk about on dating sites with a yet new acquaintance. You can support communication in the following ways: share memories from childhood or a little secret;

  • ask about the past day and its significant events;
  • be interested in plans for the weekend and offer your ideas;
  • share information that directly relates to your general hobbies;
  • talk about their own small achievements.


Jokes on current topics are always perceived with flying colors. And many Russian girls appreciate the man’s ability to relate to life with a fair amount of irony. But try to do without outright joking and circus performers. Besides, any printed message is not able to convey the intonation of human speech. Therefore, many humorous statements on the monitor screen look completely bleak.

The Budget to Get a Russian Bride?

Every year, there are more and more foreigners, eager to get a Russian wife. However, the amount of money that foreigners pay for the search for the Russian bride of the VIP-membership may reach $25,000.

A foreigner is often promised all inclusive. Caring agency managers find him an apartment for 20-70 dollars a day. Taxi drivers charge $10-15 For transfers from the airport. Translation services from the agency start at $5-15 per hour. The total Russian mail order brides cost may vary depending on the country of residence.

Are Russian Brides Legal?

You can search Russian brides absolutely legally. The main condition is her age. She must be over 18 years old. When she comes of age, the Russian bride bears full responsibility before the law and can get married. Trust only reputable marriage agencies. They carefully check the profiles of young girls, conduct interviews with them.

Therefore, you will be completely protected from communication with a married woman or lawbreakers. Everything else is absolutely in the framework of current legislation.

Essential Facts About Mail Order Brides

When a foreigner is looking for a wife, he is looking for a real woman with whom life can be divided: life, emotions, and happy old age.

Then why exactly Russian brides? Is there anyone closer? But, as foreigners themselves claim, the long struggle for the equal rights of men and women led to a real gender equalization in everything. That means that Western brides not only began to work like men and gain like men but also think like men, act like men, look like men. European and American women are much easier to relate to their appearance. Manicure, makeup, feminine dresses, and skirts are all for a special occasion, not for every day. They do not make makeup to take out the garbage and do not go to the supermarket in heels. And that’s why the Russian wife seems to be a kind of standard of beauty and femininity for foreigners.

Sexy Russian women, unlike others, are not inclined to experience relationships for years. Six months or one year after they met a man is an acceptable time to decide on marriage. But American and European women, who do not consider that a Russian bride is realized mainly through marriage and who do not set age limits for themselves in this regard, can look for a husband for a very long time. Therefore, foreign businessmen who do not have a large time reserve for long searches or those who have already realized themselves financially and are now ready to start a family soon, and not “someday”, rightly believe that a Russian bride is an excellent option.

Besides, modern Western women (and this is confirmed by statistics) do not want to give birth. They want to travel, cultivate, build a career. But the Russian wife, according to the expectations of potential suitors, will be ready to give birth, and not only ten years after the wedding, but literally right away. Given the fact that men in the West, as a rule, do not marry immediately after graduating from university too, but only after they get on their feet, the woman’s willingness to give birth as soon as possible plays an important role.

While Western brides are fully focused on themselves and personal development, family values are still in the first place for Slavic people. Therefore, foreigners often count on the fact that the Russian woman’s wife can create an atmosphere of family comfort, warmth, and harmony in the house.

Well, another feature that makes Russia’s wife so desirable in the eyes of a foreigner is the ability of beautiful Russian women to look at a man with admiration. Sad but true: many things, completely mundane in the West, (and therefore not attracting attention), still have not become common for most families in Russia, even those who consider themselves happy.

For example, the help of a man at home or caring for children, responsibility, respectful attitude to the emotions of a woman, the absence of scandals and scenes in public - all this causes sincere admiration of pretty Russian women. And as you know, a man, in order to read the admiration in the eyes of his beloved, is ready for much. Including going to the edge of the world in search of love.

How work Mail order brides?
Finding a Bride
Step 1
Choose a reliable mail order website . There are hundreds of them; some are focused on Asian girls, some on Russian. Read reviews about this web-site to be sure that it is not a fake for getting money from you.
The Process
Step 2
Create an account. Write some interesting information about yourself. It will help a bride you would like to chat with to make a first impression about you, so don’t ignore this step and approach this very attentively.
Your choice
Step 3
Learn some information about the country, girl from which one you would like to meet here. This knowledge will help you to be convinced in your choice and feel more confident. Try to view all girls that match your criteria before making.
Step 4
Make a choice and write a girl you like. There are no limits – you can write as many girls as you wish.

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