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Thai Brides

Why Do Thai Singles Search For Foreign Husbands?

The charm of Thai women is hard to resist. Their exotic beauty mesmerizes Western men, while their personal qualities make for a happy married life. Have you ever wondered why many young and attractive Thai women look for husbands from foreign lands? 

The answer to this question may root in the country's history. In the past centuries, European powers carried out colonization of many territories of the Asian region. Thailand, on the other hand, avoided such a fate. That's why the local population bears no inherent animosity or negative feelings towards Westerners. Quite the contrary, marriage with foreign men seems to be a rising trend among young hot ladies of Thailand. By creating a new family with a reliable man from abroad, a Thai bride enjoys an opportunity to see the wide world outside of Thailand's state borders and cultural boundaries. Besides, statistical data speaks in favor of international marriages. Such relationships are recognized as stronger and longer-lasting than those created between partners from the same locale. In the view of Thailand women, this is yet another reason to enter the international dating scene and pursue a relationship with a foreigner.

Although exotic in appearance, Thai ladies are surprisingly well-acquainted with the general culture of the Western world. Like anywhere else in the world, local girls use TV shows and internet to be on the edge of the latest fashion trends. As a result, when you move your Thai bride to the US, neither she nor your family and friends will experience a cultural shock. However, if you fall in love with a Thai woman from a rural area, she may be a bit less worldly than urban Thai ladies and take some time adjusting to her new country of residence. Nonetheless, such wide-eyed naive Thai girls are relentlessly pursued by some Western men.

Legendary Beauty Of Thai Brides

Regardless of where you are from, you've probably heard of the irresistible beauty of Thai women. When there's an international beauty contest, you can be sure one or several of the leading positions will go to stunning girls from Thailand. While the beauty of Thai women is natural, there's something exceptional about it. While looks may not be the most important thing in life and romantic relationships, it's much more enjoyable to build a shared life and family with a girl whose beauty makes your heart beat faster whenever you look at her.

Due to their Asian descent, Thai women have an exotic appearance to the eye of a Western man, which greatly boosts their seductiveness. Most Thai single ladies are short and petite, with dark almond-shaped eyes, smooth and impeccable skin, and long hair that is a radiant embodiment of health. Most women from Asian countries are brunettes, and Thai brides are no exception. The dark brown and black hair goes excellently with their complexion and emphasized the exquisite tone of their gold-tanned skin. As a rule, young Thai women boast of an enviable fashion sense and style. Whether they pick Western clothes or traditional Thai outfits, they look stunning without the slightest hint of vulgarity. Having your Thai bride by your side will be a pure delight for your senses. Your friends and family will surely appreciate your choice of a wife as well.

Thai Brides Take An Interest In Western Culture

You'd be surprised, but Thai women are not in the dark about Western culture. In the present day and age of prevailing globalization, it's not difficult to peer into the customs and traditions of any distant land. Thanks to TV shows and online portals, Thai ladies have a solid idea about the Western style when it comes to clothing and behavior in social situations. Moreover, many young Thai singles are quite keen on keeping an eye on the trends popular in Western countries.

You and your future Thai wife may come from very different cultures, but you won't find it hard to start a conversation and keep it going for hours. Due to the Thailand girls' abundant interest in Western culture, you'll easily find a common ground for pleasant communication. However, it won't hurt to prepare in advance before meeting your Thai lady. Make an effort to learn about the local culture, traditions, and etiquette in various social situations. You will get bonus points in the eyes of your future wife if you go as far as to learn her language. No one expects fluency from you, but knowing how to say some polite phrases and compliments in the Thai language will certainly help you win the heart of your Thai girlfriend. On the other hand, your Thai lady won't require you to explain much about Western culture, as she already knows the basic concepts.

Among Thai singles, it's a rising trend to take an interest in the affairs of Western countries, whether it be culture, politics, or fashion. It's not uncommon for a Thai woman to adopt some customs typical of Western households. Last but not least, as a result of their fascination with Europe and America, hot Thai women are perfectly capable of speaking English, which will greatly improve the quality of your communication and facilitate mutual understanding.

Thai Mailorder Brides: What Makes Them Perfect?

  • Easy to please. Many Western men find it surprising how simple the tastes of a Thai bride are. She'd rather go on a picnic or watch the sunset on the beach than doll up for an extravagant date. Such simplicity is manifested in all spheres of a Thai lady's life.
  • Naturally beautiful. In the view of Western men, some of the most alluring features of a Thai bride are her skin tanned golden and expressive almond eyes. Those who adore natural beauty are after women of Thailand who enjoy staying attractive for their husbands.
  • Loving and caring. The amounts of love and support a Thai wife gives to her husband and family can be overwhelming to those not used to such care. A Thai woman loves her family sincerely and passionately and goes to great lengths to take the best care of her husband and children.
  • Amazing at homemaking. Excellent household managing skills are a strong side of Thai women. They're great at cooking and actually enjoy keeping the house tidy and orderly. As a rule, Thai wives gladly assume homemaking as their responsibility, swiftly transforming your house into a relaxing and comfy space that truly feels like home.
  • Focused on serious relationships. In the hearts and minds of Thai women, there's a deep belief that a woman needs to be married to a good man to be complete and fulfilled. That's why Thai singles have a serious approach to dating and focus on long-term relationships. A Thai bride seeking casual fun is rare to find.
  • Have a rich cultural background. In the culture of Thailand, the family takes the central part in a person's life. In addition to respecting their parents unfalteringly, adult children maintain a close relationship with the families they come from. Another significant and interesting component of Thai culture is the so-called “Sanuk” – the philosophy of having fun and enjoying every moment of your life.
  • Friendly. In compliance with their Sanuk philosophy, Thai ladies see great value in friendships and fun. Wherever she goes, a Thailand girl attracts the attention of Western men with her cheerful, jolly attitude and the happy smile on her beautiful face. Unless you're into grumpy ladies, a Thai bride is an ideal life partner for you.
  • Family-oriented. With family being their top priority, Thai women can raise a desire for marriage in any man. With a Thai bride, the very first date may lead to you becoming certain in your wish to start a family with this woman.
  • Respectful. As dictated by the culture of Thailand, the husband is the head of the household and family. Your Thai wife will not make any important decisions without consulting with you. She'll respect, support and encourage you in any situations that life gives you.
  • Excellent at caregiving. Beautiful Thai brides cherish and pamper their husbands. They tidy up the house, making it cozy and relaxing. Thai cuisine is outstanding, and your Thai wife will gladly cook delicious homemade dishes for you. When you have children, she'll do her best to raise them into good people.

Tips For Dating A Thai Woman

  • Be a gentleman. A rude and insensitive man will never win the heart of a lady, the more so when it comes to Thai singles. Showcase your best behavior and let her see the caring side of your personality. A Thai woman will certainly appreciate your being open.
  • Avoid public displays of affection. As part of the local culture, it is unacceptable for couples to hug and kiss in a public place. This behavior is considered impolite towards other people, so public displays of affection will not be appreciated by Thai brides who are looking for marriage with a foreigner. However, once the two of you manage to get away from the public scrutiny, intimate gestures are more than welcome.
  • Never argue in public. Similarly to the above piece of advice, it's considered hugely inappropriate for people to have arguments in public. When there are people around, put off for later whatever you wanted to bring up. If you start a fight in a public place, you Thai girlfriend will take great offense and likely end the relationship. Even a small quarrel is unacceptable if you value your relationship.
  • Don't rush things. Even if marriage is the ultimate goal for both you and your Thai mail-order bride, you should not act as though you're pressed for time. Pushing her into a serious, committed relationship may backfire and you will end up scaring her away. Be patient and let your relationship develop at a natural pace that your Thai girlfriend is comfortable with. No one says you have to wait for a few years before proposing, but be reasonable in your expectations and don't suggest that she moves to your country after a mere couple of dates.
  • Dress sharp. To be attractive in the eyes of a Thai woman, you need to dress so that you look smart and radiate the vibe of wealth and prosperity. Don't doubt your chances if you're no longer young and athletic. A man that looks classy will always turn heads of Thai ladies, regardless of his age and build. Hot Thai singles are attracted to Western men that appear to be successful, since such a marriage is the ticket to a happy and prosperous future for a Thai girl.
  • Get on the right side of her family. The culture of Thailand is patriarchal, so it's small wonder that your Thai mailorder bride wants her parents – especially her father – to approve of her choice of husband. Whether or not her family likes and accepts you largely determined the success of your relationship. If her family disapproves of you, it's unlikely that you'll get to marry your Thai girlfriend.

How To Start Dating A Hot Thai Woman Without Going To Thailand?

Thanks to the advancement of internet technologies, many things that used to be impossible are now a matter of little to no effort. Online dating is one of such novelties that has expanded to reach an international scale over the past few decades. Today, you don't have to travel all the way to Thailand to start looking for a Thai woman who will make a good life partner for you. You just need to resort to a dating agency that focuses on the Asian region and specifically offers services of mail-order brides in Thailand. Once you do so, the profiles of thousands of young and attractive Thai women will be at the tips of your fingers. As a rule, Thai brides are interested in serious relationships and marriage, so if that's your goal as well – don't hesitate to make your first steps towards a happy married life with a Thai wife!

In addition to an abundance of filters that allow you to sort the available profiles of Thai ladies by any criteria of your choice, Thai dating agencies offer a variety of tools to facilitate the communication between you and your potential soulmate. You can get to know hot Thai girls using text messages and instant chats, as well as video chats. Some Thailand dating sites oriented towards the international audience even offer translation services to make sure you and your Thai girlfriend are always on the same page and no misunderstandings occur. That being said, most Thai mail-order brides are decent at speaking English. Thai dating portals have sizeable databases, which means you will surely find a girlfriend or spouse among the thousands of Thai mail-order brides interested in marrying a foreigner.

Once you've spent enough time getting to know each other and built a solid online relationship, you'll have to fly to Thailand and meet your lady in person. Keep in mind that you're not obliged to continue the relationship if you feel a hint of doubt at any point. Sometimes it takes several months to meet your soulmate on a Thai dating site, but this will make you cherish your Thai spouse even more. Once you've met your online girlfriend and made sure she's the right match for you, it's time to ask for her hand in marriage. In Thailand, according to an ancient tradition, you are expected to pay a sum of money to your girlfriend's parents in order to be allowed to marry her. Read below for a review of the Thai dowry tradition and how it's done in the present day.

The Dowry Custom For Thai Brides

According to the customs and traditions of Thailand, when a man decides to marry his beloved, he is expected to pay a certain sum to her parents. This payment is intended as compensation to the bride's parents for having to part with their daughter. This tradition arose and has been maintained as a way to see whether the man has sufficient financial means to marry his beloved woman and support their newly-created family. Keep in mind the dowry tradition absolutely does not mean that Thai brides are “available for purchase”. You still must win over the Thai lady's heart and get on the right side of her parents to be given the chance to ask for her hand in marriage. Truth to be told, nowadays the dowry payment is symbolic in nature in most cases. As a rule, the bride's parents return the entire sum of money to the newlyweds after the official wedding ceremony is performed. 

If you're wondering what specific sum you'll be requested to hand over to your Thai mail-order bride's family, it depends on several factors. Her family's wealth and social status play a crucial role in determining the number. Other things taken into account are the Thai bride's level of education – don't be surprised that you'll have to pay a larger dowry for a Thai wife with a university degree. Furthermore, the Thai bride's employment and her level of annual income play a role. If she has a high-paying career and helps her parents financially, but gives it all up for the sake of starting a family with you, it's quite reasonable of her parents to expect a higher compensation for the “loss” of their daughter.

All the above should not have you under the impression that you need to be incredibly wealthy to marry a Thai woman. If you think you do not possess sufficient means to pay the dowry expected for your Thai bride, you just need to have a conversation or two with her parents, putting in some extra effort to convince them you are going to be a good husband worthy of their daughter. Most of the time, the parents just want to be sure that their daughter is going to be taken care of and provided for. It's not necessary to spend a ton of money to convince your Thai bride's parents you're going to give her a comfortable life that she deserves. It only takes good communication spiced with gentle persuasion and sprinkled with gentle persuasion.

Find Thai Women For Marriage Today!

Your relationship and marriage with a Thai woman will be nothing but smooth sailing if you make an effort to learn about her culture and her expectations of a husband. Take your time to understand her personality and what she wants in marriage. If you want a wife possessed of exotic beauty, sharp mind, and boundless kindness, going to an agency that offers Thai mail-order bride services is the right decision to make. 

Thai women are curious and worldly, so you'll never get bored in the company of your spouse. Your Thai wife's exotic appearance will delight your eyes and make your friends envy your luck. Thailand women are known to take good care of their natural beauty and enjoy looking gorgeous, so even a few decades into marriage you'll have a spouse that looks her best. A Thai wife will surround you with love and care, support you in all endeavors and encourage you to conquer new personal and career heights. Thanks to online dating services, you're only a few clicks away from meeting hot Thai women interested in serious relationships with foreign men. It's time to make your first step towards a wonderful married life with your Thai wife!

How work Mail order brides?
Finding a Bride
Step 1
Choose a reliable mail order website . There are hundreds of them; some are focused on Asian girls, some on Russian. Read reviews about this web-site to be sure that it is not a fake for getting money from you.
The Process
Step 2
Create an account. Write some interesting information about yourself. It will help a bride you would like to chat with to make a first impression about you, so don’t ignore this step and approach this very attentively.
Your choice
Step 3
Learn some information about the country, girl from which one you would like to meet here. This knowledge will help you to be convinced in your choice and feel more confident. Try to view all girls that match your criteria before making.
Step 4
Make a choice and write a girl you like. There are no limits – you can write as many girls as you wish.

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