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Turkish Brides

Guide on finding the best Turkish bride ever

Today, when the Internet has made the most impossible thing — let people from different countries and continent connect and talk as if they are close — many Americans and European men who are in search for marriage, apply to serious dating online agency to find their love, beautiful Turkey bride. They know that Turkish wives are devoted to their husbands and kids, but at the same time, they are never against going out to have fun with husbands, meet with friends and organize jolly Turkish-style parties at home. This mixture (classic wife and the perfect mother and the best friend and good partner) attracts men seeking for a foreign bride. Turkish mail order brides are very attractive, and not only because of their pretty faces, but for their character. Besides, Turki Womens are different — each man will find his girlfriend or bride from Turkey online.

Turkish Brides — a short review

It might seem that Turkish Brides are very shy and closed women, who are waiting for their husband and do not mix with other men. Yes, most Turkish ladies were following their national traditions, and they really used to wear long special dresses covering their bodies. Only a spouse and father could see their charming faces. Now, you can find these Turkish girls only in villages. If you come to Turkey and see a woman in a large city, and she is closing her face and body, she is 99% a foreigner, a tourist from Saudi Arabia, probably. Today, a Turkey bride is a modern woman that can support any conversation, knows the English language, ready to start a relationship with those men, whom she likes. She does not depend on the attitude of her parents, although it does not mean that Turkish girl does not respect them.

Many people are sure that all Turkish women have dark hair and brown eyes, but it is far from reality. Looking through the profiles of these women online to find a very good Turkish girl for marriage, you will be surprised to find out that many of them have green or blue eyes and their hair is not dark (even natural blonds are met). It can be explained easily — years ago, Turkey men used to capture women from other countries, especially Bulgaria and Ukraine (these lands are close to Turkey). They married them, and the result, pretty kids with unusual appearance were born. Some Turkish brides even do not suspect that they have Slavic blood in their veins.

However, all Turkish ladies have many things in common — they are the best dancers, and they are all very emotional women. It is very difficult to meet a woman in Turkey that is boring, and who does not want to talk. All females there are open and friendly persons, ready to mix and make friends with other men and women. However, Turkish Brides still remember about their tradition and culture, and they are waiting for respect for them.

Turkey is more open country than before (mostly, thanks to millions of tourists visiting it). Therefore, some foreign men, seeking for single Turkish girls, come to this country and try to communicate with possible brides in reality. Sure, it is not always possible to find the right girl in a short time, therefore, many men choose another way — they decide to pick a Turkish mail order bride online, through the agency.

Attitude to a woman in Turkey: from the past to the future

However, still, modern morals in Turkey are very different from European and American. This is especially noticeable in the relationship between the sexes. Islamic tradition believes that a man can only feel sexually attracted to a woman. Therefore, the mind of a Muslim Turk, especially the older generation, simply does not fit the idea that there can be any other relationship between a man and a woman: colleagues at work or study, just friendly. Premarital relations — a spot of dishonor, which casts a shadow not only on the family who sinned, but also on the whole village, and a violation by a hole in this area of ​​morality (real or imaginary) can entail lynching of the crowd, is punishable by death. In Turkish cities, there is a special moral police, so in Turkey you will not see, for example, a couple kissing or hugging. Only in February 2002, the obligatory virginity tests among high school students were canceled. Even in the city, among the Turkish townspeople, it is considered indecent to ask about the health of a wife, to send her greetings. Traditional politeness requires asking about family health, hello if you have been to this house before and is familiar with them.

In Turkey, it is considered indecent to invite an unknown lady to dance, it is not customary to sit down at an empty seat at a table in a restaurant, especially if not only men but also women are sitting at it. Modern dances are part of European and American life, but what about Turks who consider themselves Europeans? Journalists, engineers, doctors can have dancing parties. So, some Turkish brides can do it, and they do not care if somebody would blame them for it.

In Turkey, in small towns and villages, the freedom of choice for girls is still limited. In earlier times, a girl married someone she did not know; she accepted this as her fate. Now the girls and young women who grew up in a different social environment have different needs and views, but the Turks have not yet recognized the new status and demands of the Turkish women, and this often causes crises in families, for which today is a transitional era between the old way of life and the new.

Features of modern Turkish brides

If you are a man, seeking for a good Turkey bride, you should remember that now, almost all of these ladies are so different and diverse that it can be very difficult to find many common features of them. However, they do exist.

The whole world knows that in Turkey you can meet almost the most beautiful women. It is especially customary to talk about their hair. Almost every Turkish woman has chic, thick and shiny curls. Naturally, in many eastern countries, people usually pay attention to hair and eyes, because the rest of the body is often hidden under national clothes. Turkish women always use only natural products to care for them. They lack various chemical compounds, silicones and more.

That is, on average, every Turkish woman spends about $ 20 a month on self-care. For comparison, in Western Europe and the USA, this figure is 8 times higher. This does not mean that the Turkish brides do not pay attention to their appearance. It is just that traditional rituals of care and home recipes prevail in the country because the lifestyle of local women is strongly influenced by the characteristics of culture and religion. For example, out of the 40 million female populations, only 6 million are employed, the rest are housewives. It is much easier for a Turkish girl to visit her friend and order cream and lipstick than to get to the shopping center.

Previously, Turkish women did not work; the husband fully provided for his family and children. Now about 50% works, children go to kindergarten; grandmothers are also engaged in them. Turkish women are very fond of housework; they cook deliciously and variably and are famous for their hospitality. No matter how many guests come — 5, 10 or 15 — everyone will be surrounded by care and attention and fed a week in advance.

So, in brief, the Turkish bride can be your choice, if you are ready to connect your life with a woman, who has the following features:

  • Beauty;
  • Care for her man;
  • Respect for old people;
  • Great jealousness;
  • Passion;
  • Love for her traditions;
  • Love for national cuisine;
  • Habit to talk too much with her friends (girls);
  • Desire to have children.

Turkish wives: why are they so popular?

Many men in the USA and in Europe are dreaming about Turkish wives — they are ready to spend money on the best marriage agencies that can help men to find a bride from Turkey. They know for sure that unlike many American women and ladies from European countries, Turkish brides are devoted to their future husbands and family: reading any review on a typical woman from Turnkey you will understand it.

However, if you are planning to search for a Turkish wife, you should remember that women that come from Turkey are very jealous. They are devoted to their husbands and hate when other girls even look at their men with interest. Be ready to support your bride from Turkey with love and case, and prove every day that you adore her. As a result, you will get the best wife ever, who will pamper you like a king.

The best way to meet Turkish women and tips on how to do it

If you can come to this country, you can find your future bride in Turkey, visiting are Turkish discos, concerts by well-known singers in Turkey and events with Turkish music. However, you can start communication with a woman from this country earlier. Just apply to the best-trusted marriage agency, register there and get access to profiles of the most beautiful Turkish brides.

Remember that Turkish women love self-confident, stubborn men who cannot be stopped by a first bad reaction. Be dominant, but not rude. Turkish women stand for “real men”. They want you to make every single step as a man. From the response, the number, the date and everything that goes beyond it. That does not mean that you should treat her badly — on the contrary — treat her as nicely as possible. But always be ready to make decisions quickly, take next steps and drive the interaction from your side, because they will rarely take the initiative for you.

By far the best way to meet Turkish women (in case you decide to make a trip to this country through an online dating agency, for instance) is simply to introduce them. It makes sense to have even a large circle of friends from Turks, so sooner or later they will introduce you to women anyway.

Those men, who do not know still how to start their search for a Turkish bride, these tips will be helpful. Simply follow them:

  1. Find and online marriage agency helping men in their search for Turkish wives — the agency or a website must have many positive reviews;
  2. Learn everything about their price policy and the way how you will deal with Turkish brides;
  3. Register there;
  4. Look through the profiles of Turkish brides, and mark your favorites;
  5. Write letters to favorite Turkey brides;
  6. Call them to chat online with a webcam on to see how beautiful they are in reality;
  7. Pick 2-4 potential brides and meet them in reality (the agency will help in the meeting organization).

Turkish bridal and some other traditions  

Probably, when you find your Turkish bride and decide to marry her, she will ask you to support her traditions. It might not happen, but it will be better if you know at least something about them before you meet your woman. Some Americans and men from Europe come to Turkey to marry their brides there.

Traditional Turkish bridal reveals particularly well the customs of the Turkish people. As a rule, the ceremony lasts 3 days and is punctuated by various rites, all more surprising than the others. However, those traditions can vary. So there is not only one traditional ceremony.

Know also that polygamy is practiced in the extreme east of the country, and that it is the man who finances the totality of the marriage. In order to better present you the course of a Turkish bridal, here is a description (day after day).

1. The presentation

A Turkish flag is hoisted to the roof of the house that hosts the wedding. The loudspeakers announce where the celebration takes place. There is a traditional orchestra ready to welcome the bride. She arrives on horseback with her father. Tradition has it that she wears a red veil on her face because, in theory, the groom has never seen his bride. Certainly, today, brides wear this veil only to respect the tradition — 99% of brides show their faces to their future husbands before the wedding ceremony

2. The preparation

Men and women spend the day each on their own. The women visit the hammam (Turkish sauna) to chat a little. Then the night of henna comes. This ceremony is held only for women. The bride is covered with a veil; the women of her family surround her with candles and henna. They all clap their hands and sing Turkish songs. The mother-in-law then begins to dispose of henna in the palm of her future daughter-in-law. She then covers the green dough with a piece of gold and closes her hand with a cloth bag. All while wishing a lot of happiness to his daughter-in-law. The mother of the bride reproduces exactly the same gestures. When the bride has both hands wrapped in tissue, other women may have henna in their hands. Men from the USA and Europe should not be surprised here, as henna symbolizes success and prosperity. Meanwhile, the men meet to smoke and talk. They test the future husband by asking him various questions. If you decide to visit Turkey and have a wedding ceremony there, just take it as a tradition, and do not worry about these questions and answers.

3. The blessing

It is during this last day that the spouses meet to obtain the blessing of the Imam and/or sign the register to the municipality. When a foreigner that has another religion marries a Turkish bride, the last day will be a civic ceremony.

Guide on finding a Turkish bride

Seeking for a Turkish girl, you should start with the choice of the agency that is supposed to be the best-trusted online marriage or dating site. Follow these steps:

  1. Register on the website with some good pictures of you (no mobile phone photos as they can have poor quality). Read the info about photos for dating sites online, as girls from Turkey also like attractive men.
  2. Be active. Imagine yourself as a confident, energetic man (which you are sure to be). Write letters (as many as you can). So you can tell who you really understand and who really cares about you. Read also letters from Turkish brides to compare them and to understand which of them can be your wife.
  3. Contact various Turkish women you address. Check if your questions are really answered, if you feel comfortable — talk with brides from Turkey using online live chat. For some, you will not know what to say, for others the conversation will flow immediately.
  4. Do not write letters that are too long, most ladies, especially if they do not know English well, do not like it that much. They fear that nothing will come of it and begin to doubt that out of an internet love could become true love. They are seeking for a serious man, not a “writer”, and they are waiting for more real activity from him. Turkish brides like chatting more than reading letters.
  5. If she has children, ask her questions (although Turkish ladies, who have kids, do not divorce their husbands, it happens sometimes). If you are also interested in their pets, find out what is important to them in a family. Also talk about your children, about parenting, about family ties.
  6. If you really like a woman, after numerous chats and heavy correspondence, do not waste time. Do not let endless time pass to think, because that can nip a love in the bud. Come to Turkey for a personal meeting. Probably, you should better use agency services to visit this country — it will be more organized and safe.
  7. Try to organize the next meeting as soon as possible or make wedding preparations.
  8. Take photos with your future bride — it will be the evidence of your meeting with her in reality. It is one of the “must-have” things if you apply for a Fiancée visa later.
  9. Do not forget about the time, which is needed to make K1 fiancée visa. Traditionally, it takes less than a year. In some cases, 4-5 months will be enough.
  10. Remember that if you marry in her country, she will have to apply for a K3 visa (visa for a wife). In many cases, it takes too much time to issue it. Therefore, many men prefer to marry women from Turkey in the USA. Fiancée visa does not need so much time to be issued, whereas you can wait for K3 up to 1-2 years.

You will find your Turkish bride for sure and create a great family, if you are sincere and if you are really eager to live with one of the Turkish women, known for their beauty, charm, and devotion to their husbands and children. The best online agencies with a good reputation, working on the market of international marriages for years, will be your best help.

How work Mail order brides?
Finding a Bride
Step 1
Choose a reliable mail order website . There are hundreds of them; some are focused on Asian girls, some on Russian. Read reviews about this web-site to be sure that it is not a fake for getting money from you.
The Process
Step 2
Create an account. Write some interesting information about yourself. It will help a bride you would like to chat with to make a first impression about you, so don’t ignore this step and approach this very attentively.
Your choice
Step 3
Learn some information about the country, girl from which one you would like to meet here. This knowledge will help you to be convinced in your choice and feel more confident. Try to view all girls that match your criteria before making.
Step 4
Make a choice and write a girl you like. There are no limits – you can write as many girls as you wish.

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